Session: The OCP System (Core Guidelines):: Playtest Marketing campaign – Session 5

by Luke_FutileEfforts

Hello there,
Right here comes the report for Session 5.

The Agent Crew:
Reina Marks, Jackknife, Stage 2, Rank 0.
Cora Promax, Guardian Angel, Stage 2, Rank 0.
Fox Hunt, Bookworm, Stage 2, Rank 0.
Theresa “Tessa” Soledad, Bonesaw, Stage 2, Rank 0. GM’s NPC.

The Circus
The start of the Session was dominate by a protracted dialogue about how you can deal with the investigation on the nightclub “The Circus“. On the finish, the PCs determine to maneuver in unarmed and dsiguised as regular friends. They purchase 5 animal masks for that, as a result of all friends of the membership put on them.
Earlier than coming into, Reina decides to scout out the world and take a stroll across the membership. As it’s positioned in a rundown port space that’s simply starting to be revived, the world is reasonably darkish and dilapidated. A critical botch has her run right into a trio of gangers that attempt to take her cash and perhaps extra. However they clearly aren’t ready for the assembly with an knowledgeable melee fighter and so it takes solely two fight rounds till the three blokes are out chilly on the bottom. With the assistance of Tessa, Reina cuffs them to a powerful metallic publish behind the membership, the place Tessa is supposed to protect the backdoor of the membership anyway.
The remainder of the crew lastly enters the membership. The membership is situated within the first and second ground of a protracted former shopfloor. The membership has a bar, a lounge space, washrooms, and a big dancefloor on the base stage. The higher stage is formed like a horseshoe and one half is taken up by a sound remoted bistro space and the opposite half is a VIP lounge space with direct view onto the dance ground under.
The PCs begin to search for the fox masked drug vendor that Luis described for them on the Mayleaf Institute over the past Session. After about one hour of looking, Reina finds the man promoting medication in the dead of night ground in entrance of the washroom space. She informs Cora, who has been outfitted with a fast injector full of a knock out drug, by the teams medic (Bonesaw Tessa). An amazing roll sends the vendor into slumberland with none problem. The women change his animal lmask (Good Transfer by Reina!) and carry him exterior, pretending he had a drink too many.
Fox calls the LOST they usually arrest the vendor and the trio of molesters. The Brokers name it a day.
Within the morning they file the legal cost towards the trio and have an interrogation session with the vendor: The man’s identify is Jabari Olatunji, he confesses all the things and claims to purchase the Lilly Mud from a man named Ronnie, who works on the Solara’s Blessing hospital. One other photofit is created.
The PCs use the metro to get to the hospital and begin trying and asking round about “Ronnie”. It takes some time, however lastly they discover someone who acknowledges the photofit.
The suspects identify is Kyron Leparec, he works on the hospitals’ inside pharmacy and he has at present every week off.

The Hospital Man
The hospitals HR division provides the Brokers with the tackle of Kyron.
Kyron lives in a center class condominium constructing shut by, however is just not at house. The PCs handle to defeat the lock and enter the condominium. Kyron has some costly client electronics at his flat and hidden within the costly Tube-TV the Brokers discover some Lilly Mud and rolled-up cash.
Because it appears like Kyron is just away for the day, they determine to attend for him. When he arrives and sees the Brokers, he tries to flee, however they catch him simply and have him arrested by the LOST.
Through the interrogation Kyron admits that he steals some anesthetics from the hospital’s pharmacy and trades them with a man referred to as Ricardo for the Lilly Mud. He thinks they use it to spice up their primary social gathering drug. He is then promoting the Lilly Mud to Jabari. Ricardo works at a small Burger Store, the place Kyron meets him commonly. One other photofit is created.

The Burger Boy
The PCs journey by metro and bus to the Burger Store.
Fox is coming into alone, whereas the women cling again at a close-by Brasserie and watch.
Sadly Fox is instantly recognized as an Agent and his face meets a load of contemporary French Fries with some boiling oil. Ricardo flees by way of the backdoor of the store whereas two of his cronies assault Fox with knifes. Fox attracts his pistol and manages to shoot one of many guys, regardless of being in an in depth up scuffle with each of them. The man drops down screaming, making an attempt to stem the blood flowing from his punctured thigh. The second attacker botches badly and slips on the oil touchdown on the ground. Simply what Fox wanted: He backs away a couple of steps and shoots the man on the ground straight within the face (good roll for Ranged Fight), clearly not within the temper for mercy.
Within the meantime, the remainder of the crew attempt to minimize off the fleeing Burger Boy. After a brief hunt, and an excellent shorter change of bullets, they handle to catch him, bleeding, however alive.
Tessa freely dispenses a spherical of first help to Fox and the injured attackers rolling rather well.
The PCs instantly interrogate Ricardo: His full identify is Ricardo Malone, he’s the Buying Supervisor of a non-registered firm named Los Cangrejos (in different settings: A Gang). They run a drug lab close by. He claims that there are 50 workers energetic on the lab. The PCs will not be glad and make contact with their Boss Mr. Greenspan to ship some reinforcements. As they see that point is of the essence, they determine to go forward to the lab and see what they’ll do.
For Ricardo and his cronies, the LOST come and take them away to arrest.

That ends the Session with the cliff hanger of the ultimate Showdown on the Los Cangrejos’ Lab.

Insights from the Playtest Perspective:
All of the interrogation, ready and primary legwork was a bit bland. Might have used a bit adrenaline push in between.
Hope to not TPK the Crew subsequent week on the lab….


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