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Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Interior Power DLC provides Warlock, Bard, & Monk lessons on November 14


Tactical Adventures has introduced a brand new DLC providing for Solasta: Crown of the Magister, titled Interior Power. This DLC will launch on November 14, including three new lessons, plus further subclasses for those who personal beforehand launched DLC.

Interior Power is the third paid DLC for the tactical CRPG, following Primal Calling and Misplaced Valley. A free replace can even be made to the sport on November 14 for all gamers, including new customization choices and three new character backgrounds.

A key art work and outline will be discovered beneath, by way of Tactical Adventures.

Editor’s Notice: This DLC was initially introduced in September 2022. We simply missed it on the time!


Following the latest launch of Solasta: Crown of the Magister on Xbox, French impartial improvement studio Tactical Adventures has introduced a brand new DLC pack – Interior Power – for its award-winning, team-based tactical fantasy cRPG, coming November 14 2022.

Full your celebration with the Interior Power DLC! Unlock the Warlock, Bard & Monk lessons & the Dragonborn ancestry and head again into Solasta for extra adventures!

The Interior Power DLC unlocks three new lessons (Warlock, Monk and Bard) for a complete of 9 new subclasses (plus three further ones for those who personal the beforehand launched Misplaced Valley DLC) and one new Ancestry (Dragonborn).

Interior Power DLC Content material

  • The Warlock Class, with its 4 subclasses: The Fiend (SRD), The Hive (Solasta), The Timekeeper (Group), The Tree (Misplaced Valley)
  • The Bard Class, with its 4 subclasses: Faculty of Lore (SRD), Faculty of Hope (Solasta), Faculty of Heroism (Group), Faculty of Custom (Misplaced Valley)
  • The Monk Class, with its 4 subclasses: Manner of the Open Hand (SRD), Manner of Survival (Solasta), Manner of Gentle (Group), Manner of Freedom (Misplaced Valley)
  • The Dragonborn Ancestry

Along with the DLC content material from Interior Power, free downloadable content material can even be launched for all gamers that personal the Solasta: Crown of the Magister base recreation. This can embody 17 new feats so as to add extra customization, gamepad help on PC and three new backgrounds generally known as The Ascetic, The Artist and The Occultist.

Need to play DLC content material in multiplayer with buddies who don’t have it? Not an issue. Tactical Adventures’ DLC philosophy is that every one customers will be capable of play DLC content material at no cost so long as the host has it put in.

An Epic Group Journey

Uncover the shattered world of Solasta: discover ruins and dungeons for legendary treasures, study the reality of an age-old cataclysm – and cease it from occurring once more. Create your very personal celebration of adventurers with our Character Creation Device within the traditional tabletop RPG custom.

Uncover a Mysterious & Dynamic World

Delve into lengthy forgotten dungeons to unearth historical artifacts. Combat monsters in squad-level, turn-based, tactical fight. Solasta’s dynamic surroundings gives some attention-grabbing tactical choices.

Put together to Suppose in Three Dimensions

The dungeons in Solasta are greater than flat game-boards. Climb, soar, or fly round obstacles. Evade or shock foes from above or beneath. Push them into chasms or drop issues on their heads. Place your self on excessive grounds to start out the struggle with a bonus.

True to the Tabletop

Wizards of the Coast granted Tactical Adventures a license to make use of the Dungeons & Dragons SRD 5.1 content material and ruleset furthering the imaginative and prescient of creating essentially the most trustworthy online game adaptation with the Tabletop ruleset!

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