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Stage Up (A5E) – Dungeon Delver’s Information: The Mycelial and the Ratling | EN World | Dungeons & Dragons


Dungeon Delver’s Information is a handbook for Stage Up: Superior fifth Version (A5E) Narrators and authentic 5E (O5E) GMs who wish to run dungeon adventures. It incorporates dungeon creation strategies, new subterranean monsters, oodles of traps, and so forth.

That is simply the half of it although.

RatFolk - Rafael Benjamin.jpg

It is also a sourcebook for characters from these subterranean realms. Dungeon Delver’s Information has new class archetypes and backgrounds, dungeon-themed spells, and weapons and armor that can assist your characters battle the dungeon’s denizens, reminiscent of shadow elf darkish armor, oils that wreathe a weapon in necrotic flame, and the residing, wrist-mounted parasite launchers of the aboleth.

And naturally, it has new heritages and races, so you possibly can play as a dungeon denizen your self. These are the choices I wish to showcase at the moment.



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