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Make a stand with our Stands Awakening White Snake information! If you happen to’re uncertain about this Stand’s potential, or in the event you’re merely curious if it’s any good, then stick round to seek out out. Let’s slither into this information the place we shed some information on all issues Whitesnake! (With all of the snake puns!)

Stands Awakening transports you to the eccentric world that’s JoJo’s Weird Journey, In Roblox! Spawn into a wierd little city and make your mark along with your very personal Stand, as you face off towards different gamers in flashy outlandish battles.

For extra details about Stands Awakening and to get taking part in, go to the sport’s official Roblox web page. We even have guides for Stands Awakening Vampire Masks or a Stands Awakening tier listing, and at last Stands Awakening Eva 01 Information.

Stands Awakening White Snake


What Is A Stand?

A stand is a wierd entity that has the flexibility to grant the person supernatural powers. These manifestations of 1’s soul are discovered throughout the sport by finding the arrow merchandise, and jabbing your self with it to find your Stand and its potential. Inside Stands Awakening, the arrow merchandise spawns randomly across the map so that you can discover, and so they regenerate too! Whitesnake has a 4% probability of being obtained when utilizing the Arrow merchandise.

What Is Whitesnake?

Initially belonging to Enrico Pucci within the JoJo Stone Ocean story, Whitesnake is a manifestation entity who will comply with the participant. This Stand takes on a humanoid look which is black and white, with a flashy crown atop its head. The principle potential of this Stand is manipulating reminiscence and different Stands. It may give a non-Stand person a Stand, or it may well take a Stand person’s stand. The identical is claimed with recollections.

White Snake Stats

In line with the sport in fact.

  • Damaging Energy: ?
  • Pace: D
  • Sturdiness: A

Whitesnake Transfer set

  • [USHA! Barrage] Whitesnake does heavy injury punches with excessive energy which might destroy your opponent’s HP as much as 30%.
  • [Heavy punch Whitesnake does a heavy punch which deals impressive damage.
  • [Gun Shot] Whitesnake takes out a pistol and shoots, hitting anybody standing in entrance of him. Has a low cooldown interval so nice for spam assaults.
  • [Acid Spit] Whitesnake spits acid on the opponent, forcing them to fall down and be idle for some time resulting from poisoning. As well as, their HP will slowly lower.


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