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Feast of Prosperity
Date: November 1st – November twenty ninth, 2022 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 5:00AM PST/12:00PM GMT)
Requirement: Stage 20+

Through the years, the Hutt Cartel’s popularity has taken a success. The as soon as highly effective group not instills respect and concern. To revive the Cartel’s affect, two up-and-coming Hutts, Gaboorga the Ample and Duuba the Magnanimous, are throwing essentially the most lavish “charitable banquet” in historical past for the galaxy’s underprivileged. And if the Cartel occurs to advance their enterprise pursuits in the course of the Feast, everybody wins!

If Gaboorga and Duuba can cooperate, they might rocket the Cartel again into the higher echelons of the galactic underworld. However the Hutts’ conflicting priorities means they’re continuously undermining one another. Every week a brand new Story Mission will unlock to progress this storyline, resulting in the climatic alternative in the course of the third and closing week: Gaboorga or Duuba? Just one Hutt can win, and the destiny of the Feast of Prosperity is at stake. Select correctly!

For gamers that participated within the occasion when it beforehand ran, you can instantly soar into the Every day Missions and mini-games! If this can be your first time experiencing the occasion, every week a Story Mission will unlock – progressing the battle between Gaboorga and Duuba.


  • NEW – Gourmand’s Favourite Weapon Set
  • NEW – Duuba and Gaboorga Transport Skiffs
  • NEW – Feast Holo-Toy
  • Feast Dealer’s Armor Set
  • Roast Scyk Stomach and Feast of Prosperity Poster decorations
  • Feast Apparel and Feast Preparation Hat
  • Feast Ingredient Transport Mount
  • Hairless Mudhorn and Earthen Thurrb Mini-pets
  • Really feel the Groove and Toast emotes
  • Overstuffed Backpack and Meals Launcher Toys
  • … and extra!

Rakghoul Resurgence on Alderaan
Date: November 1st – November eighth, 2022 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 12:00PM GMT)
Requirement: Stage 25+

The Hyland Group for Rakghoul Neutralization (T.H.O.R.N.) has issued an official level-2 emergency alert regarding an outbreak of the Rakghoul plague on Alderaan. Quarantines have been put in place to limit site visitors of the plague off-world, however exceptions can be made for people with precedence clearance.

T.H.O.R.N. is recruiting certified volunteer emergency responders to journey to affected areas to fight the unfold of the Rakghoul plague. Extra details about the outbreak will be discovered by checking the Information Terminals on the Republic or Imperial Fleet!

T.H.O.R.N. needs to remind you that plague signs will be handled if they’re recognized within the early levels of an infection. Whether or not or not you’ve gotten journey plans, please seek the advice of your nearest trusted medical provide droid and get vaccinated!


  • Status with THORN
  • Cruel Seeker’s Armor Set
  • THORN Epicenter and Darkish Vector Armor Units
  • Outbreak Response Weapons
  • Alliance Contact – Physician Lokin
  • Contaminated Varactyl and Contaminated Dewback Mounts
  • Ferocious Rakghoul Mini-pets
  • …and extra!

Relics of the Gree
Date: November fifteenth – November twenty second, 2022 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 12:00PM GMT)
Requirement: Stage 50+

Discover Ilum’s contested space within the Western Ice Shelf to uncover the mysterious goal of the Grey Secant, an infinite historic Gree starship. Get able to face a robust opponent that awaits you on the heart of this historic vessel. Go to the in-game Information Terminal situated on Carrick Station within the Republic fleet or Vaiken Spacedock within the Imperial fleet to get began in your journey!


  • Status with the Gree Enclave
  • Gree Digitization Dice
  • White, Pink, and Blue Scalene Armor
  • Grey Helix Weapons
  • L1-L Defender, L1-L Scout, and Miniature Grey Secant Mini-pets
  • Cyan Sphere, Blue Sphere and Pink Sphere Autos
  • …and extra!

Pirate Incursion
Date: November twenty ninth – December sixth, 2022 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 12:00PM GMT)
Requirement: Stage 20+

The distant planet Dantooine has been thrust into the middle of escalating hostilities between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Spurred on in secret by covert Imperial forces, the Nova Blade pirates have staged an all-out assault on the pastoral Republic world. Because the Republic scrambles to defend this key territory on the fringe of Imperial house, the Empire plans to capitalize on the chaos and deal a serious blow to the longtime Republic bastion.


  • Nova Blade and Dantooine Homesteader Armor Units
  • Ugnaught Companion
  • Walker Mount
  • Kath Hound Mount
  • Kath Hound Mini-pet
  • Dantooine-inspired Stronghold Decorations
  • … and extra!

Ten Yr Anniversary
Date: December 14th, 2021 – January, 2023 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 12:00PM GMT)
Requirement: Ranges 10+

A particular “Anniversary Personnel” vendor will be discovered on the fleet with new Class Ship Stronghold Decorations. All earlier anniversary rewards may even be out there throughout this restricted time as properly.


  • Faction-based fireworks
  • Commemorative Statues of HK-51, Valkorian, and Malgus
  • Senya Holo-statue
  • Fireworks Celebratory Backpack
  • A number of Stronghold Ornament posters
  • Class Ship Stronghold Decorations
  • … and extra!


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