Star Wars: The Previous Republic

Pirate Incursion
Date: September 5 – September 12 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 12:00PM GMT)
Requirement: Degree 20+

The distant planet Dantooine has been thrust into the middle of escalating hostilities between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Spurred on in secret by covert Imperial forces, the Nova Blade pirates have staged an all-out assault on the pastoral Republic world. Because the Republic scrambles to defend this key territory on the fringe of Imperial house, the Empire plans to capitalize on the chaos and deal a significant blow to the longtime Republic bastion.


  • Nova Blade and Dantooine Homesteader Armor Units
  • Ugnaught Companion
  • Walker Mount
  • Kath Hound Mount
  • Kath Hound Mini-pet
  • Dantooine-inspired Stronghold Decorations
  • … and extra!

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