Starfield: Deimos Armored Transport mission information

In the event you’re thorough about exploring a number of the first galaxies you go to in Starfield, you’re prone to stumble throughout the Deimos Armored Transport – a mysterious ship with some severe issues. On this web page, we clarify how one can take advantage of the invention.

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The right way to discover & board the Deimos Armored Transport in Starfield

The Deimos Armored Transport might be one of the first derelict ships you come across in Starfield thanks to where it's located. It holds secrets...

You’ll be capable to discover the Deimos Armored Transport within the Alpha Centauri system, which is the United Colonies managed system that’s additionally residence to New Atlantis, the primary main hub world Starfield’s story missions take you to. 

The deserted ship will be discovered within the orbit of the planet Bondar.

Soar to Alpha Centauri (don’t overlook, it’s a UC system, so Contraband is just not permitted), after which make your option to Bondar. In its orbit, you’ll discover the Deimos Armored Transport. It doesn’t reply to hails, however fly near the ship and also you’ll be capable to press and maintain the X button on an Xbox controller, or your mapped equal, to board the ship.

Unraveling the thriller of the Deimos Armored Transport

The Deimos Armored Transport will see you flip between gravity and zero gravity regularly.

As quickly as you board the ship two issues change into clear: first, the Deimos Armored Transport is significantly broken. The anti-gravity system retains failing, so each fifteen to twenty seconds it’ll activate and off, which means as you navigate the ship you’ll generally be floating via and generally have your ft on the bottom.

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Second, it’s clear that this ship is broken almost definitely as a result of it was attacked by pirates – and lots of of them are nonetheless current. You’ll must combat your means via the ship defeating them. Don’t overlook that, in zero gravity, you possibly can use your enhance pack in fight to maneuver round extra rapidly and get out of hazard. 

Past this, nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot to do right here – some loot to seize, however nothing thrilling. There’s no named mission related to the ship. The Deimos does maintain some secrets and techniques, nevertheless…

Accessing the Deimos Armored Transport’s Vaults 

Whenever you first enter the Deimos Armored Transport, you’ll probably discover that there’s a locked door that may’t be opened – however for those who head into the center of the ship, it’s attainable to unlock this door – and it results in the treasure of this mini-dungeon.

It is best to make a degree of exploring the entire rooms you possibly can simply entry. There’s the odd weapon right here, plus the stuff you possibly can loot from the spacers, plus one actually distinctive and helpful merchandise: the Vanguard House Techniques 04 e book, which as soon as picked up bequeaths you with a 5% buff to all harm dealt by ship missiles. That is on a desk in a facet workplace, and regardless of being a flimsy piece of paper is just not impacted by the gravity losses.

Be sure to pick up the Vanguard Space Tactics book, which offers a permanent buff.

Maintain working your means via the ship, and hold a watch out for an elevator. As a result of there’s no energy, the elevator can be useless and the buttons gained’t do something – however search for. There’s a hatch on the prime of the elevator. Open it, and climb up both with a soar or when the gravity cuts out.

You’ll be capable to use the shortage of gravity to climb up the elevator shaft to the highest flooring of the ship, then work your means again down considerably, although some big followers, till you attain an space the place there’s a pc. You utilize this laptop to unlock that earlier locked door.

Once you get to the depths of the ship, you can open the locked door.

From this level it’s good to backtrack, again down the elevator shaft – watch out to not harm your self with fall harm on the way in which down. Then head again to the realm with the locked door.

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In right here there’s vault-style two doorways – one which would require a Grasp Lockpick to open with some loot inside, and one you possibly can freely open. Each will include some loot, which can be degree and progress dependent in your character.

Discovering 25,000 Credit’ Value of Secret Contraband in Deimos Armored Transport’s Hidden Room

You may suppose the vaults are all of the Deimos Armored Transport has to supply – however there’s really yet another secret hidden in its stomach. Nonetheless, it’s an unlawful secret.

Head into this room to find the pathway to the secret room.

Within the earliest areas of the ship, you’ll see a room with a diagonally-oriented entrance, as pictured above. This room is a dead-end with computer systems and such inside – however it really holds a secret of its personal.

Lookup within the room, and you’ll discover an open hatch and pathway above, as pictured under). Watch for the ship’s synthetic gravity to chop out, after which float up.

Look up! above, Deimos Armored Transport's most valuable loot.

Up right here, you’ll discover a Contraband chest. These particular blue-colored chests are fairly uncommon, and so they all the time include unlawful items – and the contents are all the time price some huge cash. It has an expert-level lock, so that you’ll must do a little bit of lockpicking to get on the objects inside.

The contents might fluctuate, however for me it held Mech Elements and Sentient AI Adapters that had a complete price of greater than 25,000 credit.

To promote Contraband you’ll must both smuggle it right into a settled system and take it to the Commerce Authority, or you possibly can take it someplace much less respected – comparable to to the Crimson Fleet. The quickest and best place to promote it’s most likely The Crimson Mile, discovered within the Porrima system. 

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Are you able to commandeer and pilot the Deimos Armored Transport?

For the avoidance of doubt – no, sadly, you possibly can’t take management of the Deimos Armored Transport and add it to your fleet of ships.

Loads of the ships you board will be taken management of and taken again to area port to register them as your personal – however this one is just too massive, and you may’t really attain the cockpit anyway.


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