Starfield’s planet exploration is far more restricted than I anticipated, and sure there are boundaries

sertz1h in the past

These individuals are f***ing retard**. You anticipated a scripted sport with No Man’s Sky stage procedural era? Good fu**ing luck bud. We’re years off from that stage of sport. I knew precisely what Starfield was going to be, AND I HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED IT.

No Man’s Sky was a f***ing catastrophe when it launched. Enjoying it now, it is not even near the identical sport it was all these years in the past once they lauded themselves as a PS unique, and when it bombed onerous they went multi-plat.

These days, No Man’s Sky is certainly higher… However efficiency is a large number throughout all platforms. It’s inconsistent, very daunting for a brand new participant, and does not have any actual payoff for enjoying the sport at size.

Of fuc***g course Starfield is similar. It is in bloody house! You discover planets, you work together with native inhabitants… However omg. Are you able to think about the atrocities dedicated by Bethesda by placing a g’rattling STORY in there?! TRAVESTY!

All of you’ll want to shut the f*** up and play the sport.

I’ll reserve judgement till the precise launch date, and I can play it at no cost via gamepass. Superb buy, that. Then perhaps I’ll buy it. Till then, maintain your expectations in verify you spoiled f***s.


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