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Starfield’s starmap is extra helpful than you assume


You may not have realised it, however there is a refined design factor in Starfield‘s starmap that makes navigating the sport’s universe a smidge simpler.

Starfield has a fully large variety of planets to discover; greater than 1000, in truth. However utilizing the sport’s starmap is not essentially the simplest factor on the earth, until you realize precisely what it is telling you. As noticed by one person within the recreation’s subreddit, there’s really a pleasant piece of visible design on the map which tells you precisely which star methods you have been to, and which of them you’ll be able to or cannot go to simply.

I am stage 34 and I JUST realized this in regards to the star map, whereas making an attempt to go to each star.
byu/raging_pastafarian inStarfield

As you’ll be able to see from the submit above, there are three visible queues which let you know in regards to the varied star methods. On the left, you will discover that the celebrities have a mushy glow surrounding them, which because it seems signifies that you’ve got beforehand visited that system. Within the center, you’ll be able to see some stars that do not have that very same glow, which implies you have not visited them, however they’re shut sufficient that you may soar to them. After which lastly, on the suitable, there are some stars which might be purple, and in addition aren’t glowing – these ones are star methods that you may’t soar to with out leaping to a different one which’s nearer by.

It is a very nice little piece of design that when you realize what it means, it ought to make getting from system to system simply that little bit simpler. Starfield’s menus aren’t one of the best, in spite of everything, however on the very least modders have put the work into making them a lot simpler to make use of.

Modders have additionally made exploring planets simpler too. Because it at the moment stands, you’ll be able to’t simply stroll round a planet in its entirety because of varied boundaries, however one mod has made that risk, with one other including extra touchdown zones too.


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