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Swamp Psychedelic Cotton Sweet – Tito RPG


After fleeing from the Metal Mummy from Outer Area, the group observed they had been on the far fringe of island, nearer to the swamps the place Mycolol grew.

Fastly approaching throughout the highway that ended on the swamp, the sundown greeting them as flocks of seagulls drunkenly gorged themselves on mycolol infused crabs.

Have been the birds vulnerable to the numbing properties of the fungi? There was no time to seek out out. The Solar was setting and the local weather bought ever colder.

With a single silver software, they resorted to utilizing silver cash to take away the mycolol from the rotten wooden the place it grew, as eradicating them by different means would destroy the pink tufts. Typically it required the group to wade waist deep into the chilly saltwater of the swamp.

These looking out noticed the form of a crocodile, however the group averted it and fled the swamp with 4 luggage of mycolol, weighting 20kg every.

They attempt to arrange camp close to the swamp, however Anuin the elf notices that other than the residing croc that confirmed earlier than, different crocodile carcasses had been strewn about, killed by one thing even fiercer.

With little water and meals on this place, the moved into the evening, loosing valuable hours of sleep and relaxation.

After setting camp uphill, they relaxation somewhat and nothing disturbs them at evening. Within the morning, the sunshine of daybreak is disturbed by a robust pale glow a few miles forward.

Upon nearer inspection, they attain a tall floating menhir. It is rather easy, like a river stone, and it hangs a ft above the bottom immobile. Under it, the patch of grass has disappeared, leaving barren rock.

Gorgoradin the dwarf promptly urges the group to go away this magical monolith alone, however Anuin is adamant in messing with it.

He throws a heavy stick, which bounces uselessly towards the rock.

Epaminondas, the barbarian, deems it protected sufficient, and touches the stone together with his naked palms. He promptly feels chilly, and a mind freeze hits him.

His gums began bleeding, and most of his entrance enamel falls from his mouth. He’s pissed as Hell, and in his frustration he makes use of his newly acquired shovel-axe to hit the stone.

The hits are spectacular, however the stone stays unscathed. With every strike, it resonates like a large bell, sending shivers via his palms into his very bones.

However the headache and bleeding gums had been an excessive amount of, and he kneeled in ache.

Quickly the nice ache diminished, and he observed one other set of enamel grew. This time, they had been serrated and sharp, giving him a shark-like grin. Woe to him! For he bore one other mark of this cursed land.

Feedback: after discovering mycolol, most teams attempt to head again and promote it for many revenue on the city. Nevertheless, since this group couldn’t defeat the goblins, touring via down the highway may be very harmful, and thus they’ll attempt to cross the jungle.


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