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The Final Stardew Valley Fishing Information for 2023


Welcome to probably the most complete Stardew Valley fishing information you’ll ever want. Fishing is not only a approach to move the time within the idyllic world of Stardew Valley; it’s additionally a vital ability that may aid you earn cash, full quests, and even discover a number of surprises alongside the best way. Whether or not you’re a seasoned angler or an entire novice, this information will cowl the whole lot it’s essential learn about fishing in Stardew Valley.

The Fundamentals of Fishing

Fishing Bar Mechanics

Whenever you solid your line into the water, a fishing bar will seem on the display. This bar signifies the fish’s place and your reel’s place. Your aim is to maintain the inexperienced bar behind the fish icon till the catch meter fills up.

Vitality Consumption

Fishing consumes vitality, so be sure you have sufficient earlier than you begin. The quantity of vitality consumed is dependent upon the fishing rod you’re utilizing and any sort out or bait hooked up.

Time of Day and Fishing

Completely different fish are energetic at completely different occasions of the day. Some usually tend to chunk within the morning, whereas others desire the night. Preserve this in thoughts when planning your fishing journeys.

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Fishing Rods and Tools

Completely different Sorts of Fishing Rods

There are three predominant sorts of fishing rods in Stardew Valley:

  • Bamboo Pole: The essential rod accessible from the beginning. You’ll obtain a Bamboo Pole from Willy, the native fisherman, on the second day of Spring. He’ll invite you to the Seashore, the place he’ll provide the rod at no cost.
  • Fiberglass Rod: Improve to a Fiberglass Rod as quickly as you may. This rod means that you can use bait and may be bought from Willy’s Fish Store for 1,800g.
  • Iridium Rod: The Iridium Rod is one of the best rod within the recreation, permitting you to make use of each bait and sort out. It prices 7,500g and turns into accessible at Fishing Degree 6.

The place to Purchase or Improve Rods

You should purchase and improve fishing rods at Willy’s Fish Store, positioned on the Seashore.

Significance of Fishing Tools

Upgrading your fishing rod and utilizing the best tools can considerably enhance your fishing expertise. Higher rods make it simpler to catch fish and provide the choice to make use of bait and sort out.

The way to Fish: Step-by-Step Information

Fishing in Stardew Valley is a rewarding however difficult expertise. Whether or not you’re a newbie or an skilled participant, this information will stroll you thru the complete means of fishing, from casting your line to reeling in your catch.

Step 1: Purchase a Fishing Rod

  1. For Newcomers: You’ll obtain the Bamboo Pole from Willy.
  2. For Intermediate Gamers: Improve to a Fiberglass Rod
  3. For Superior Gamers: The Iridium Rod

Step 2: Select Your Fishing Spot

  1. Freshwater: Rivers, lakes, and ponds are nice for freshwater fish.
  2. Saltwater: The Seashore is the place to go for ocean fish.
  3. Particular Places: Some fish can solely be caught in distinctive places just like the Desert, the Mines, or the Sewers.

Step 3: Test the Time and Climate

  1. Time: Some fish are solely accessible at sure occasions of the day.
  2. Climate: Climate circumstances like rain can have an effect on the sorts of fish you may catch.

Step 4: Put together Your Tools

  1. Bait: Connect bait to your rod to extend the chunk price. Open your stock, right-click on the bait, then right-click on the rod.
  2. Sort out: You probably have an Iridium Rod, you too can connect sort out for numerous advantages. The method is identical as attaching bait.

Step 5: Solid Your Line

  1. Positioning: Stand near the water’s edge.
  2. Casting: Press and maintain the motion button to construct up energy, then launch to solid. The additional you solid, the deeper the water and the higher the fish you may catch.

stardew valley fishing tips

Step 6: Look ahead to a Chunk

  1. Endurance: After casting, anticipate a fish to chunk. You’ll see small “…” bubbles and listen to a sound when a fish is .
  2. Hooking: As quickly as you see an exclamation mark (“!”) above your character’s head, click on the motion button to hook the fish.

Step 7: The Fishing Mini-Sport

  1. Goal: Preserve the inexperienced bar behind the fish icon till the catch meter fills up.
  2. Controls: Use the motion button to lift the inexperienced bar and launch it to decrease the bar.
  3. Ways: Pay shut consideration to the fish’s motion and regulate your bar’s place accordingly.

Step 8: Reel in Your Catch

  1. Success: In the event you efficiently fill the catch meter, you’ll reel within the fish.
  2. Failure: If the fish escapes from the inexperienced bar too many occasions, it is going to escape, and also you’ll lose the catch.

Step 9: Acquire Your Reward

  1. Fish: You’ll obtain the fish as an merchandise in your stock.
  2. Treasure: Typically, you’ll additionally discover treasure chests throughout the mini-game. To gather them, place the inexperienced bar over the chest icon whereas additionally maintaining the fish hooked.

Step 10: Evaluation and Promote

  1. High quality: Fish come in several qualities—Regular, Silver, Gold, and Iridium—which have an effect on their promoting value.
  2. Promoting: You’ll be able to promote fish on to Willy, place them within the transport field, or use them in recipes.

Sorts of Fish and Places

Freshwater vs. Saltwater Fish

Stardew Valley gives a wide range of fishing places, every with its distinctive fish species. Freshwater fish are usually present in rivers and lakes, whereas saltwater fish are discovered within the ocean.

seasonal fish stardew valley

Fish Present in Completely different Seasons and Climate Situations

Some fish are season-specific, and others solely seem throughout sure climate circumstances. For instance, the Catfish is extra more likely to be discovered when it’s raining.

Uncommon Fish

There are additionally legendary fish in Stardew Valley, that are extraordinarily laborious to catch however provide vital rewards.

The way to Catch the Walleye

Finest Time and Season to Catch Walleye

The Walleye is a fish that may be caught within the Fall, particularly when it’s raining. It’s most energetic between 12:00 PM and a pair of:00 AM.

Really helpful Tools

Utilizing an Iridium Rod with bait and sort out is extremely advisable to extend your possibilities of catching a Walleye.

Ideas for Catching Walleye

  • Fish within the river, particularly close to the bridge within the city or forest.
  • Use Wild Bait for an elevated likelihood of catching Walleye.
  • The Dish O’ The Sea meals buff might help by including +3 to your fishing ability. In Stardew Valley, the Dish O’ The Sea is a cooked dish that gives a short lived increase to your fishing ability, making it simpler to catch fish and thus earn extra expertise factors. Cooking this dish may be a good way to stage up your fishing ability extra rapidly.

The way to Make Dish O’ The Sea



  1. Unlock the Recipe: First, you’ll must unlock the recipe for Dish O’ The Sea. You’ll be able to receive it from Willy at 3-heart friendship stage. Alternatively, you may generally discover the recipe on the Queen of Sauce tv program.
  2. Collect Elements:
    • Sardines: These may be caught on the ocean throughout completely different seasons. You’ll want two for every dish.
    • Hash Browns: That is one other cooked dish that requires a Potato and Oil to make. You’ll be able to develop potatoes in your farm or purchase them from Pierre’s Normal Retailer. Oil may also be bought from Pierre’s.
  3. Cooking Tools: Be sure to have a kitchen in your farmhouse. In the event you don’t have one but, you may improve your own home at Robin’s Carpenter Store.
  4. Cook dinner the Dish: After you have all of the substances and a kitchen, open the cooking interface by interacting with the range in your kitchen. Choose the Dish O’ The Sea recipe and cook dinner it.
  5. Devour for Buff: As soon as cooked, you may devour the Dish O’ The Sea out of your stock to get a +3 fishing ability increase for a restricted time.

Seasonal Fish

stardew valley squid

Fish Accessible in Completely different Seasons

  • Spring: Catfish, Shad, Sunfish
  • Summer time: Tilapia, Purple Snapper, Tuna
  • Fall: Walleye, Salmon, Tiger Trout
  • Winter: Perch, Squid, Lingcod

Particular Situations for Catching Seasonal Fish

Some seasonal fish require particular climate circumstances or occasions of day. All the time test the season, climate, and time when planning your fishing journeys.

The way to Connect Bait

Sorts of Bait

  • Fundamental Bait: Will increase chunk price.
  • Wild Bait: Will increase the possibility of catching a number of fish.
  • Magic Bait: Permits you to catch any fish from any season, climate, time, or location.

Step-by-Step Information on Attaching Bait to Your Fishing Rod

  1. Open your stock.
  2. Proper-click on the bait to select it up.
  3. Hover over the fishing rod and right-click to connect the bait.

Advantages of Utilizing Bait

Utilizing bait can considerably enhance your possibilities of catching fish and scale back the time it takes for fish to chunk.

Fishing Sort out and Its Makes use of

Completely different Sorts of Fishing Sort out

  • Spinner: Will increase the bite-rate of fish.
  • Lure Bobber: Causes fish to flee slower while you aren’t reeling them in.
  • Cork Bobber: Will increase the scale of your fishing bar.

The way to Connect Fishing Sort out

  1. Open your stock.
  2. Proper-click on the sort out to select it up.
  3. Hover over the fishing rod and right-click to connect the sort out.

When to Use Particular Sorts of Sort out

  • Use the Spinner while you’re seeking to catch quite a lot of fish in a brief period of time.
  • The Lure Bobber is beneficial for difficult-to-catch fish.
  • The Cork Bobber is nice for newbies who’re nonetheless getting used to the fishing mini-game.

Fishing Expertise and Professions

Leveling Up Your Fishing Ability

Fishing expertise may be leveled up by catching fish, crab pots, and finishing fishing quests. Every stage grants you entry to new crafting recipes and improves your fishing capabilities.

Selecting a Fishing Career

Fishing professions in Stardew Valley provide gamers the chance to specialize their fishing expertise, offering distinctive advantages that may considerably improve their fishing expertise. These professions grow to be accessible as you stage up your fishing ability, permitting you to tailor your talents to fit your gameplay fashion. The primary crucial alternative comes at stage 5, the place you may decide to grow to be both a Fisher or a Trapper.

Selecting the Fisher occupation will increase the promoting value of all fish by 25%. This is a superb alternative for gamers who plan to make fishing a big supply of revenue.

level 10 fishing options

The Fisher path additional branches into two specializations at stage 10: Angler and Pirate. The Angler occupation will increase the worth of fish by a further 50%, making it a profitable possibility for these centered on maximizing income. However, the Pirate occupation doubles the possibility of discovering treasure whereas fishing, which might yield beneficial gadgets and artifacts.

On the flip aspect, the Trapper occupation reduces the assets required to craft crab pots, that are used to catch crustaceans and a few fish routinely. It is a extra passive method to fishing and is good for gamers preferring to set traps and acquire their bounty later. At stage 10, Trappers can select between turning into a Mariner or a Luremaster. Mariners will discover that crab pots now not produce junk gadgets, guaranteeing that each catch is efficacious. Luremasters can acquire from crab pots with out utilizing bait, making the method much more easy and cost-effective.

Every fishing occupation in Stardew Valley has its personal set of benefits and drawbacks, and your best option finally is dependent upon the way you want to interact with the sport’s fishing mechanics. Whether or not you’re seeking to maximize income, discover uncommon treasures, or take a extra laid-back method with crab pots, the fishing professions provide one thing for everybody. By rigorously choosing your occupation, you may optimize your fishing expertise and take advantage of out of this rewarding in-game exercise.

Neighborhood Middle Bundles

Fish Wanted for Neighborhood Middle Bundles

Finishing the fishing bundles within the Neighborhood Middle will aid you unlock numerous rewards and upgrades for the complete group.

Rewards for Finishing Fishing Bundles

Rewards embrace gadgets like bait, sort out, and even a brand new fishing rod. Finishing all of the fishing bundles will even contribute to restoring the Neighborhood Middle.

Fishing Occasions and Quests

ice fishing contest stardew

Particular Fishing Occasions

  • The Stardew Valley Honest: Take part within the fishing mini-game to win Star Tokens.
  • Ice Fishing Competitors: A winter occasion the place you compete towards different villagers.

NPC Quests Associated to Fishing

Numerous NPCs will often request particular sorts of fish. Finishing these quests can earn you gold, gadgets, and friendship factors.

Ideas and Methods

Superior Methods for Higher Fishing

  • Excellent Catches: Reeling in a fish with out letting it escape from the bar grants a “excellent catch,” which will increase the standard of the fish.
  • Double Bait Method: Utilizing each Wild Bait and a Spinner can drastically enhance your fishing effectivity.

The way to Maximize Earnings from Fishing

  • Concentrate on high-value fish.
  • Use the Fisher occupation to extend the promoting value of fish.
  • Protect fish utilizing preserves jars or flip them into Sashimi for larger income.

The place to Discover Excessive-Worth Fish in Stardew Valley

Fishing is price it and generally is a profitable enterprise in Stardew Valley if you realize the place to solid your line. When you can catch fish in numerous places, some spots are notably identified for his or her high-value fish. Right here’s a information that will help you discover these worthwhile catches:

Legend Fish

stardew legend

Location: Mountain Lake
Season: Spring
Time: Any
Climate: Any
Be aware: Requires Fishing Degree 10 and an Iridium Rod with a Lure Bobber.



Location: South of Arrowhead Island in Cindersap Forest
Season: Winter
Time: 6 AM – 7 PM
Climate: Any
Be aware: Requires Fishing Degree 6 and is less complicated to catch with a Lure Bobber.



Location: East Pier on The Seashore
Season: Summer time
Time: 6 AM – 7 PM
Climate: Any
Be aware: Requires Fishing Degree 5 and is less complicated to catch with a Lure Bobber.



Location: River north of JojaMart
Season: Fall
Time: 6 AM – 7 PM
Climate: Any
Be aware: Requires Fishing Degree 3 and is less complicated to catch with a Lure Bobber.

Mutant Carp

mutant carp

Location: The Sewers
Season: Any
Time: Any
Climate: Any
Be aware: Requires Fishing Degree 10 and an Iridium Rod with a Lure Bobber.

Lava Eel

lava eel

Location: Mines (Flooring 100)
Season: Any
Time: Any
Climate: Any
Be aware: Requires Fishing Degree 7 and is less complicated to catch with a Lure Bobber.


blobfish stardew

Location: The Midnight Market’s submarine trip
Season: Winter
Time: 5 PM – 2 AM
Climate: Any
Be aware: Requires Fishing Degree 8 and is less complicated to catch with a Lure Bobber.

Spook Fish

Location: The Midnight Market’s submarine trip
Season: Winter
Time: 5 PM – 2 AM
Climate: Any
Be aware: Requires Fishing Degree 8 and is less complicated to catch with a Lure Bobber.

By specializing in these high-value fish, you may extra rapidly maximize your income and take advantage of out of your fishing journeys in Stardew Valley.

Frequent Questions About Fishing in Stardew Valley

How do I unlock the fishing rod?

The Bamboo Pole, your first fishing rod, is given to you by Willy, the native fisherman, on the second day of Spring. He’ll invite you to the Seashore south of Pelican City, the place he’ll hand it over at no cost.

What’s the greatest bait to make use of?

The “greatest” bait can fluctuate relying in your targets. Fundamental Bait is sweet for on a regular basis fishing and is straightforward to make. Wild Bait is superb for rising the possibility of catching a number of fish. Magic Bait means that you can catch any fish no matter season, climate, or time, however it’s tougher to amass.

How do I catch legendary fish?

Legendary fish require a excessive fishing stage (normally stage 10), one of the best fishing rod (Iridium Rod), and particular sort out (normally Lure Bobber). Every legendary fish additionally has a particular location and season the place it may be caught. It’s a good suggestion to devour meals that reinforces your fishing ability, like Dish O’ The Sea, earlier than trying to catch them.

Why is Stardew Valley Fishing So Exhausting?

Fishing in Stardew Valley is commonly cited as one of many more difficult elements of the sport, particularly for newcomers. The problem arises from a number of elements that make it distinct from different in-game actions.

Ability-Based mostly Mini-Sport

Not like different duties like farming or mining, fishing entails a skill-based mini-game that requires exact timing and management. Gamers should preserve a fluctuating fish icon inside a inexperienced bar to efficiently reel it in. The bar’s motion is commonly erratic, particularly for rarer fish, making it troublesome to keep up the mandatory alignment for an prolonged interval.

Diversified Fish Conduct

Completely different fish have completely different behaviors, some darting round rapidly and others remaining comparatively nonetheless. This variability signifies that every fishing expertise may be unpredictable, requiring gamers to adapt rapidly. Rarer fish are usually extra erratic, making them particularly difficult to catch.

Tools Limitations

Early-game fishing rods are fundamental and provide little help in catching fish. Upgrades are important for extra environment friendly fishing however require vital funding in each cash and assets. Moreover, bait and tackles, which make the method simpler, aren’t accessible with the essential rod.

Stamina Constraints

Fishing consumes stamina, a restricted useful resource that gamers should handle alongside different every day actions. Operating out of stamina can reduce a fishing journey brief, making it difficult to observe and enhance.

Studying Curve

The fishing mechanics have a steep studying curve. Whereas different expertise like farming are simple, fishing requires observe and finesse. The preliminary problem typically discourages gamers, making it a ability that’s ceaselessly missed or averted.

The complexity of the fishing mini-game, the nuanced habits of various fish, tools limitations, stamina constraints, and a steep studying curve all contribute to creating fishing in Stardew Valley difficult. However keep it up – use this final fishing information to make issues simpler for you.

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