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The Legend of Dopamine: Zelda, me, and ADHD


Again in 2017, on the spritely age of 27 years previous, I couldn’t wait to get the Nintendo Swap and a brand new Zelda sport. What I didn’t realise on the time was that I possible had ADHD, and oh how I want I might return and shake the youthful model of me. 

If I had stopped to consider it for a number of seconds, I might need recognized, however sadly my ADHD usually means I can’t cease to ponder issues very a lot. Basic actually. In my twenties, I used to be aware of my nervousness. I additionally knew I used to be a bit hyper generally, however I simply put that all the way down to the truth that I’m an enthusiastic individual. Nevertheless, throughout my twenties, I knew people who find themselves autistic and neurodivergent, and the very last thing I wished to do was take up area.

There are numerous issues which can be key to my preliminary realisation that I’ve ADHD. Numerous deserted tasks, intense hyper fixations, a rollercoaster of acute focus combined with a mind that may really feel dizzy and disorientated. I additionally wrestle with books, lengthy movies, and a variety of video games that lack immediacy. I believe this is the reason I gravitate in the direction of Nintendo video games, as a result of once I press the bounce button, Mario jumps… immediately.

I’m an enormous Zelda fan, and I’m fortunate sufficient to say that I bought to play and luxuriate in a number of titles alongside their unique releases, resembling Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Breath of the Wild’s launch remains to be so particular, nevertheless, because the drastic transformation of the collection’ gameplay and elegance stays stunning to this present day. It additionally represents all the pieces I like about videogames however usually wrestle to articulate.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ADHD: Link stands in front of a korok puzzle

Earlier than changing into a journalist, I used to be horrible for getting caught in a sport and solely coming again months, if not years, later. One mistaken flip in a dungeon, and I used to be so disorientated I might by no means return. One too many deaths on the hand of a boss, and I threw within the towel. If I misplaced an hour or two of progress, I used to be most likely by no means coming again.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild didn’t totally assist me realise I’ve ADHD, nevertheless it helps me clarify so many issues about my mind, what appeals to it, and what retains me coming again. I’ve nicely over 600 hours throughout a number of saves in Breath of the Wild, and it’s a world I’m comfortable to only occupy, aimlessly wander, and bounce from focal point to focal point.

I believe Breath of the Wild is a improbable sport for folks with ADHD, and there are a number of the explanation why. First is the aforementioned immediacy. If I press bounce, Hyperlink jumps. If I need to go someplace, I can go there. If I see one thing fascinating, you may guess I can discover it, and nearly each single time, the sport rewards me for doing so. The Hyrule of Breath of the Wild is densely populated not simply with issues to do, however visible cues that time you in the direction of them.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ADHD: Link stands in front of three trees with different styles of fruit

Probably the most essential of those factors of curiosity are two issues, shrines and koroks. They stand out distinctly within the overworld, and each offer you a quantifiable reward for fixing their puzzles. In essence, the entire Hyrule map is the dungeon, and shrines and koroks signify puzzles in each sq. inch as a substitute of particular person rooms. The shrines are the macro puzzles, and the koroks are the micro puzzles.

They’re each enjoyable and satisfying to unravel in their very own proper, however the truth they’re each visually interesting is crucial. Recognizing the intense glow of a shrine remains to be so enjoyable, and it’s simply as current in Tears of the Kingdom. However the koroks are the star of the present right here, littering the world with visually distinct oddities that at all times catch the attention.

As you wander round Hyrule, you would possibly see three bushes in a row. All of them have very related shows of fruit, apart from a single apple misplaced. How unusual. So to fulfill the symmetry-loving a part of your mind you knock down the odd apple, and low and behold, up pops the leafy critter as you have got simply solved a korok puzzle.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ADHD: Link glides onto a sky island

There are such a lot of of those puzzles, like circles consisting of rocks with a single one lacking, begging you to finish the circle. There are rings of leaves floating on our bodies of water, with a suspiciously positioned spot simply above that appears excellent for diving. There are rows of statues, all holding choices of apples, apart from one, and you already know precisely what’s certain to occur for those who drop an apple into that vacant area.

When you’re aware of the viral TikTok of an individual watching somebody put blocks into the wrong-shaped holes, you already know the precise reverse of this sense. There’s such a rush of dopamine once you create order out of dysfunction, once you lastly deliver collectively two separated components, very like when finishing a line in Tetris.

Breath of the Wild is actually one million tiny duties, however whereas different videogames gate these off with blocks to development or singular options to puzzles, Breath of the Wild begs so that you can clear up these small puzzles any method that works, and in any order. You’ll be able to stroll in a straight line in any course in Breath of the Wild and are available throughout puzzles to unravel, shrines to finish, and enemies to defeat. And it’s by no means, ever, the mistaken factor to do.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ADHD: Link pokes out of the ground and sees a Flux Construct

I’ve fallen in love with video games earlier than, and I usually can drive myself to play video games I describe as anti-ADHD. Whereas the agonising tempo of a title like Crimson Lifeless Redemption 2 is an excessive amount of for me, I managed to get by means of the psychological blockades in Animal Crossing: New Horizons created by the obtuse nature of terraforming.

Maybe it’s as a result of Animal Crossing nonetheless permits you to rapidly do small duties in between different bigger ones, whereas in RDR2, I really feel like I’m following a script, and I can solely do it as rapidly as the sport desires me to. Both method, I can play any sport, actually, however I solely fall fully in love with video games that work alongside my mind.

That is how I do know Breath of the Wild is the right ADHD sport for me. As a substitute of ominous and obtuse massive duties, I’ve an easy-to-solve pile of small duties all alongside the way in which, providing dopamine with each answer. I don’t have to attend for hours for decision or important story improvement, each second actively entails me, it makes me assume, and rewards me.

I bear in mind these early days in 2017, when my housemates and I had Breath of the Wild up on a projector, enjoying it for hours at a time, endlessly entertained and consistently curious. My housemate jokingly referred to it as “mash A – the sport”, and he was extremely proper. Very like the numerous korok puzzles and the numerous shrines, there’s additionally at all times one thing to choose up, whether or not it’s vegetation, assets like wooden, or drops from enemies. And crucially, it’s speedy.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ADHD: A tower sticks out of the landscape

All the pieces about Breath of the Wild works with my mind, nothing will get in the way in which, and that’s how I might nonetheless gladly sink one other 600 hours into it. Now, that is the place I’m each delighted and terrified. You bear in mind how I stated Breath of the Wild is the right ADHD sport? Properly, scratch that, as a result of Tears of the Kingdom is the right ADHD sport.

I’m one week and almost twenty hours into my newest Hyrule journey, and already I’m seeing sensible amendments to the few blockades that Breath of the Wild gives to progress. The shrines are again and much more visually interesting, simply teasing you from throughout the map with their inexperienced swirling lights and asking to be explored.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ADHD: Link rides a craft through the sky

Besides now they aren’t contained to the bottom, and neither is Hyperlink. That curiosity is rewarded threefold, with new issues to identify, pin, and discover on the bottom, within the sky, and even beneath the floor. I’m a magpie, and the sky islands are shiny cash, dazzling me with their secrets and techniques as my thoughts aches to find what every new floating space holds.

Certainly one of my solely points with Breath of the Wild is the quantity of rain and having to genuinely simply watch for a number of actual minutes for the climate to move simply so Hyperlink can discover once more. Nevertheless, Tears of the Kingdom isn’t nearly climbing, it’s additionally about vertical exploration, and the peak supplied by the skyward propulsion of the towers or the numerous zany Zonai gadgets is so, so, satisfying.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ADHD: Link stands in front of a Korok who wants to meet their friend

No extra is my curiosity restricted to the land and beholden to the rain gods. I can go wherever, and I imply wherever. Tears of the Kingdom desires you to discover each inch of the sky, the depths, and it fortunately rewards you for doing so. I discover myself recognizing mesmerizingly excessive islands, utilizing Zonai balloons and fireplace emitters to slowly float up there, and each time being rewarded with one thing particular.

The ultimate two enhancements go hand in hand, and I can see myself dropping years of my life to them. My favorite component of Breath of the Wild is the koroks, and my favorite new component of Tears of the Kingdom is the flexibility to create automobiles with Zonai gadgets, solely restricted by your creativeness.

So, you had higher imagine that I’m in love with the newest korok puzzle, the place you have to reunite two little korok pals separated over massive distances. I’m going to be making automobiles, planes, and flying dying machines to reunite my leafy pals for the subsequent few years.

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I can’t say but if Tears of the Kingdom is about to assist me realise one thing new about myself, however I’m immensely comfortable that Breath of the Wild did. Six years and one ADHD analysis, later I’ve steps in place to assist me, and crucially I do know precisely what my mind likes and what it doesn’t like. I believed I had discovered perfection, nevertheless it simply is perhaps trumped, as Tears of the Kingdom gives all of the immediacy, curiosity, and fixed rewards that make the dopamine in my mind go brrrr… after which some. I’ll see you in one other 600 hours.


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