The Most Unimaginable Police Automobiles Of All Time

On account of an odd quirk in historical past and legislation, Italy has two official police forces. One is the state police, or polizia, and the opposite is a department of the army, the carabinieri. Whereas they each have duties of legislation enforcement, their missions differ considerably, as do their inner buildings. The carabinieri, in keeping with the BBC, predates the Republic of Italy with a historical past spanning two centuries. The first variations, in a nutshell, are that the polizia act to maintain civil order amongst residents, whereas the carabinieri act to guard nationwide safety pursuits. Whereas some pursuits are overlapping, the polizia may go to detain heads of crime syndicates, whereas the carabinieri may go to detain terrorist suspects.

No matter their duties, it’s usually useful to have quick transportation to answer crimes and emergencies. To facilitate such a response, in 2021, Alfa Romeo labored in partnership with the carabinieri to supply 1,770 items for officers to make use of within the discipline, in keeping with al Volante. They’re known as Radiomobile 2.0 and are fitted with 2.0 turbocharged gasoline engines with 200 horsepower and eight-speed transmissions. They’re additionally armored with shatterproof home windows, a complement of emergency lights, and weapons mounts. Whereas they don’t seem to be fairly as quick as a Huracan, having practically 2,000 extra items at their disposal will make them in the end extra helpful.


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