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The Preserve: Introducing My New Marketing campaign


Roleplaying Suggestions E-newsletter #1041

In Barbossa, the PCs are the monsters.

At the moment I share some pondering behind my new marketing campaign, which will get its second session tonight. I’m very excited!

The group is a part of a month-to-month drop-in D&D occasion run at a neighborhood cafe in my metropolis.

The primary session went properly, regardless of me forgetting to deliver the journey.

With session quantity two, gamers might be enjoying their official marketing campaign characters.

I supplied pre-gens for session one so we might jumpstart play. A pair gamers might be bringing new PCs, and the others are tweaking the pre-gens to their liking.

The Setting

The Preserve, as this marketing campaign is tentatively known as, is constructed on the south finish of a big island in Duskfall.

The island is known as Barbossa. Right here’s a snapshot of the present journey space:

The map is a bit laborious to learn as a screenshot and with the darker palette. I take advantage of Hex Package and it affords mouseover labels, zoom, and scrolling for simple map use.

Dwelling base is The Preserve, which is in hex 2152.

Hex numbers make it straightforward to construct the world and monitor particulars.

In Marketing campaign Logger, each hex will get a tag.

For instance, #2152. That offers me an prompt, linked catalogue of each hex. I can use search/filter and tagging so I can discover any hex by key phrase and contents.

The Plot

I’m utilizing B2: Carry on the Borderlands as the idea for the primary marketing campaign section.

It’s such an incredible journey. Sandboxy, a house base, and an attention-grabbing plot.

Hex #2151 has the Caves of Chaos with all of the humanoids of their caves.

Final session the PCs explored #2151 and #2152 searching for a particular plant to heal their employer.

#2251 has a lizardfolk mound the PCs found. And over in #2149 there’s one other mount belonging to the snakefolk.

Lizardfolk and snakefolk are dire enemies.

The PCs traded with the lizardfolk: drugs for the particular flower. Quest full.

However with a complication.

A snakefolk spy brings again information of the PCs’ go to. The snakefolk king desires to know what the PCs traded to their hated enemy.

Until the PCs intervene or trigger a ripple that adjustments the king’s plans, my Crazy Plan is for snakefolk warriors to steal the medication. Which might lead to a retaliation. Tensions will escalate into battle if left unchecked.

Nonetheless, I digress. Again to the bigger plot.

In #2449 you’ll see a fort. It’s Guido’s Fort.

I’m integrating one other nice basic journey into this marketing campaign: B5 Horror on the Hill.

On this module there’s Guido’s Fort, The Hill, and a hobgoblin king.

For this marketing campaign, this king noticed fixed warring amongst humanoid tribes within the space.

And he noticed the horrible zero sum recreation being performed. If left unchecked, the tribes would quickly be depleted to nearly nothing.

And the king is aware of darker forces of a Nightfall Lord are coming. With out energy of numbers, the area might be misplaced.

So the king known as a particular assembly along with the leaders of all native tribes.

The assembly was held within the valley of the Caves of Chaos.

Tribal leaders of kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, serpentfolk, and snakefolk warily attended.

And in opposition to the percentages, a fragile truce was struck.

All leaders felt the horrible attrition from fixed skirmishing.

In addition they concern the Nightfall Lords and are not looking for one to take over the area.

So a truce with the hobgoblin king as general chief shaped.

And that is dangerous information for The Preserve.


Two centuries in the past, the Buzanti sailed to Barbossa and constructed a carry on the southern finish of the island.

The hold was to assist resupply ships carrying troops to Ezoris. It was additionally to be a beachhead for eventual conquering of the island.

However quickly after the ultimate hold stone was laid, folks began dying. A wierd illness unfold that clerics couldn’t remedy.

The illness unfold to neighbouring clans of humanoids. These clans had been almost worn out by the plague.

The Buzanti deserted the situation, warning all naval visitors to keep away from the realm. The Preserve grew to become barren ruins.

Native clans declared The Preserve cursed and forbade anybody from getting into the useless place.

Quick ahead two centuries and shipwrecked folks uncover The Preserve and resolve to make it their house.

The close by jungle proved very hostile. However unusually, no foes pursued explorers again to the ruins.

Thus a standoff emerged. The Preserve residents caught near The Preserve and left the jungle alone. Humanoid clans continued to declare the ruins and quick environs cursed.

Enter the PCs fifty years later. Shipwrecked as properly, beneath a year-long contract to serve their employer, the celebration broke the established order final session by venturing into the jungle questing for a particular flower.

How will the Hobgoblin King react to this information?

One domino is quickly to fall, because the serpentfolk intend on breaking the truce by stealing the medication.

How else will the PCs set off battle between humanoid tribes?

I hope to search out out tonight!

It’s the Celebration’s Job to Screw Issues Up

I’ve primarily based the marketing campaign plot on the thought of organising a sandbox in equilibrium.

Because the PCs quest, discover, battle, and negotiate, the equilibrium dies.

It could possibly be that the PCs discover the Caves of Chaos and wipe everybody out.

Or maybe they’ll discover Guido’s Fort, sail throughout the river, and clear out The Hill.

As advance scouts of the approaching Dusklord attain the area, and the necromancer villain dwelling within the Caves of Chaos change into conscious of the PCs, they’ll react.

Can the king hold his truce and unleash his minions upon the Preserve?

Will the necromancer assist the truce or does he profit from resumed hostilities?

And can anybody forestall the Nightfall Lord’s scouts from reporting again on the precious and scrumptious assets within the space? In Barbossa, it’s the PCs who’re the monsters and so they strike concern into the locals!


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