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The Stormlight Archive Collection: All the pieces You Ought to Know


Most fantasy books are based mostly on a “what if” idea or are set in a world with one defining attribute.

The Stormlight Archive is among the collection in Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere universe and it reads as if the core concepts of ten totally different fantasy worlds have been masterfully blended into one vibrant setting.

The primary ebook within the collection, The Method of Kings, is lengthy, and so are the opposite two books. However consider every ebook as a trilogy—that’s how the creator buildings them, and it actually feels such as you’re studying a number of books woven collectively.

On the world of Roshar, a hurricane-like storm sweeps over the rocky world each few days. Civilization, flora, and fauna have all tailored to this excessive atmosphere. With the highly effective storm comes stormlight, an vitality that can be utilized to infuse gems, the world’s major forex, and produce mild and even vitality.

The individuals of Roshar are numerous and weird (the Thaylen have distinctive lengthy eyebrows, and the Iriali are identified for his or her golden hair), and the world is crammed with wealthy cultures with deep histories. Societies are sometimes divided into two teams of individuals: the lesser darkeyes and the privileged lighteyes.

On prime of all this, there’s additionally spren, that are sentient, spirit-like beings who’re drawn to sure human feelings. There are angerspren, gloryspren, keenspren—nobody is for certain what number of varieties exist. Although they’re magical to examine, these tiny beings are commonplace in Roshar.

Oh, and there are additionally shardblades, historical swords that may be summoned by their wielders and have the ability to chop via stone and souls.

The collection follows a number of characters and their adventures: Kaladin, the darkeyed spearman who has seen his comrades fall and finds himself a slave. Shallan, the bold scholar with lots of darkish household secrets and techniques. Dalinar, the aged warmonger who now watches his nation squabble in a pointless combat towards the Parshendi (extra on them later). Szeth, the Murderer in White, who’s compelled to kill kings towards his will.

And sure, that’s the shortest abstract of this collection I might give you.


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