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The Street to PALISADE 12: Orbital Pt. 2 | Episode


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This episode carries content material warnings for assassination, colonial violence, demise from visible stimulus, kidnapping, and lacking individuals. The Brink continues to spin in direction of disaster. At the same time as people proceed to fade mysteriously, the rise in guests to the station have led the halls to be extra cramped and provides to run ever thinner. Pushy holds an meeting to deal with the obvious cult. Paris hunts for a uncommon and harmful journal, whereas Mustard flirts with accepting a proposal from a riskier provider. Deutsch Syncrho–aka the murderer Lament–tracks down a goal. And 3T prepares for the biggest live performance of his profession. This week on the Street to Palisade: Orbital Pt. 2 Data Recovered from the Divine, Arbitrage The Divine, Arbitrage Finally, I take the stage. Factions The Curtain of Divinity: Largely aligned to Stels Kesh and Nideo, the Curtain of Divinity is made uup of these loyal to Cynosure Whitestar-Kesh, the Peaceable Princept, and who need the Divine Principality to proceed on because it has for millenia. Outlined by their traditionalism, they wield their management on tradition, faith, and historical past as a weapon—and the intensive spy community for which they’re named when these come up brief. The Pact of Vital Enterprise: Led in title by Dahlia, the Wonderful Princept, and in day-to-day operation by senior members of Stels Apostolos and Columnar, the Pact paint themselves as liberal reformists who hope to extend the diploma of autonomy in every of the Stels. Some even declare that they’d see the Principality totally destroyed and changed by a free affiliation of free states.  Brink Proxy: The volunteers who perform as mechanics, operators, janitors, and engineers for the Brink. Bureaucratic, however some duties require such issues. Orchard Syndicate: A gaggle of gardeners, farmers, and their supply unit. Concentrate on oranges and hidden motivations. The Devotees (aka the Pals of Devotion): A cultish group that some suspect is accountable for many who have gone lacking just lately. Appears to worship one thing known as both Devotion or Fervor. Individuals Cheal Pushy (he/him): Whereas his single largest affect on the Brink was the founding of the ever spreading Group Gardens, he’s largely often known as the center of the station, working everybody’s favourite dive bar and venue, Pushy’s.  Mustard Pink (she/her): A cyborg member of the Brink Proxy. Slightly paranoid, however completely tuned for a task in surveillance. Oh, and fairly keen. A helpful trait. Paris France (he/him): The Brink is a hub, with numerous issues transferring via its halls and ports. Paris France is the individual you go to once you need entry to these issues, even once you shouldn’t have it. Deutsch Synchro a.ok.a. Lament (she/her): A easy bartender at Pushy’s. That’s all. Definitely not an asset in play. Teleos Triton Tanager a.ok.a. 3T (he/him): A idealist, a idiot, and a musician with a following of “Troublemakers.” Toaster Wroaster (any): Member of the Devotees who went lacking.. Knighton Attain (they/them): Knighton Attain, Pact defector from the Columnar forty second Stellar Unit. Presumed spy. Coracin Seventine (he/him): Head of safety in Brink Proxy. Suspicious of 3T. C.T.H. Pasodoble (he/him): Member of the Pals of Devotion Morning’s Remark (he/him): A soldier turned cook dinner turned “hero.”  Gimme Gimme (they/them): One more Pact spy. Joe de Vivre (he/him): The charming rogue that Mustard can’t cease loving. Areas The Brink: An area station and central transport hub that orbits via the Shore, the very fringe of the Twilight Mirage. Based throughout the disaster on Quire. Articles The “Divine” Arbit: A machine that twists and spins and twirls in not possible to foretell methods—making it a poison to prediction engines. To name it a Divine although. What a joke. Miscellany The Perennial Wave: Perennial is one thing like a god, or not less than I believe she imagines she is. Her wave is her boastful whim, made manifest. Functionally infinite nano-particles, unfold all through the galaxy, hampering all expertise besides (curiously) Divines.    Hosted by Austin Walker (@austin_walker)  That includes Ali Acampora (@ali_west), Keith J Carberry (@keithjcarberry), Jack de Quidt (@notquitereal), and Sylvi Bullet (@GODSNEXTMARTYR) Produced by Ali Acampora (@ali_west) Music by Jack de Quidt (out there on bandcamp) Textual content by Austin Walker Cowl Artwork by Craig Sheldon (@shoddyrobot) You should buy Orbital at  https://mouseholepress.itch.io/orbital 


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