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The Xenoblade Chronicles timeline defined


Xenoblade Chronicles is greater than a decade outdated, and, as we close to the discharge of the fourth entry within the sequence, it may be somewhat obscure how all of the video games match collectively. With the unusual nature of the alternate realities that mix with one another in indirect methods, it could all be a bit complicated.

So, let’s recount the information, from the primary recreation all the best way to the final, and see if we will paint a fuller image of the Xenoblade Chronicles timeline. In fact, there are additionally the storylines of the 2 mainline video games’ DLC, Torna: The Golden Nation and Future Related, which truly assist quite a bit in piecing all the things collectively.

In fact, there are going to be full spoilers for the entire of the Xenoblade sequence to date. I really feel prefer it goes with out saying, however simply in case: please don’t maintain studying in case you don’t need spoilers for any recreation within the sequence. Why not try our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 preview as a substitute? Spoiler-free, in fact.

Anyway, let’s get began.

A timeline showing the order of the Xenoblade Chronicles games. On the left is a picture of a space station and two branching lines. On the top path is Xenoblade Chronicles and the Future Connected DLC. On the bottom path is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna: The Golden Country DLC. On the right is where the two paths rejoin, with a picture of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The Xenoblade Chronicles timeline defined

Earlier than we get began with the in-game current, there are various flashbacks which are very important to constructing a backstory. So strap in, buddies, this may very well be an extended one. The important thing character in all of that is Klaus, and the important thing object is the conduit.

The conduit was discovered throughout the twenty first century in Africa, an odd object that may assist bridge the hole between completely different dimensions. Scientists constructed many area stations for analysis functions and saved the conduit within the one referred to as Rhadamanthus, which you discover in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Additionally they made a supercomputer referred to as the Trinity Processor, designed to guard the conduit.

Throughout a scuffle across the similar time interval, Klaus activated the conduit, believing it a present that wanted for use to alter the world for the higher. Nevertheless, as soon as activated, portals to different dimensions opened up and one sucked half of his physique via alongside one other scientist, Galea.

The half that remained turned referred to as the Architect and options in XC2, the half within the new universe as Zanza, from the primary recreation, with Galea changing into Meyneth. As that is the place issues break up and two concurrent tales play out, the chronology is somewhat bit muddier, however we do know what comes subsequent.

Jin from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, with a concerned look and another person's hand on his face. He has long white hair, a purple shirt and silver coat.

Torna: The Golden Nation

Torna reveals quite a bit about some facet characters from XC2 – Jin, Mythra, and Malos. It follows Lora and Malos, 500 hundred years earlier than the occasions of the 2 foremost video games, and their interactions with some key characters. There’s not an excessive amount of impression on the overarching timeline, primarily because it’s so reliant on XC2’s story, but it surely does present us how Pyra got here to be.

The shape got here from Mythra, having destroyed a Titan and seen a younger boy die, in a flash of rage and guilt. Addam then took Pyra to the ship the place Rex ultimately meets her. Lora dies by the hands of Amalthus, and Jin turns into a flesh eater and the villain we finally see in the primary recreation. It’s probably not that necessary to the general story, at the very least not but.

The world tree in Xenoblade CHronicles 2 seen from a distance. It is a massive tree shrouded in blue smoke, in a sea of clouds below and above.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Within the authentic world the place one-half of Klaus remained, the occasions of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 happen. On this world, the activation of the conduit stripped the earth naked, so Klaus turned referred to as the Architect, the one factor alive.

He created life, the cloud sea, and likewise gathered “miniature vessels containing recollections of all [the earth’s] lifeforms,” which he scattered over the cloud sea. These would change into referred to as the core crystals. A chemical response occurred with these, resulting in the pure creation of the Titans.

These Titans turned huge, and civilizations sprouted up on them throughout Alrest (the brand new identify for earth). These civilizations constructed a narrative across the Architect, saying they used to dwell with him on the World Tree, in a spot referred to as Elysium. They had been apparently expelled for some motive, and the Architect despatched the Titans to avoid wasting them.

Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He's a boy who wears a blue outfit with a old-fashioned divers helmet hanging off the back like a good. In this shot he is screaming, arms akimbo, with a red sword in his right hand. There are flames dotting the land behind him.

Then, far forwards in time, we get Rex, a salvager who dives into the cloud sea to search out goodies. After being provided a job to assist out some drivers (individuals who wield blades by connecting their core crystal), he connects with Pyra, a legendary blade referred to as the Aegis.

Their journey takes them in direction of the World Tree, trying to achieve the highest, and ends with them assembly the Architect. As he explains what the conduit did to him and the world, he reveals that he’s about to die. As he passes, the World Tree begins to crumble.

Pyra’s third type sacrifices herself to cease the world from being destroyed by the disintegrating tree. Rex and his crew barely escape, after which Pyra and her second type Mythra are revived, proper in entrance of them, in separate our bodies for the primary time.

Colony 9 in Xenoblade Chronicles. In the foreground there is a patch of land with a barrier around its edge, with a bench on it and a couple of people sat on it. In the distance there are strange white buildings, cliff walls, and water.

Xenoblade Chronicles

On the similar time, we’ve the occasions of Xenoblade Chronicles. The world was both discovered or created by the activation of the conduit, with Zanza (one half of Klaus) and a fellow scientist Galea being pulled via a portal. It’s unclear what the world was like there, however the Trinity Processor (that supercomputer from earlier) did one thing that gave them the power to create stuff.

They used this energy to construct big our bodies to deal with their spirits in, as they weren’t actually in corporeal type after going via the portal. Utilizing the powers they gained via the Trinity Processor, they every created life.

Galea, who inhabits the physique of Mechonis, created the Machina, whereas Zanza created the Telethia. From the Telethia two races had been shaped: the Excessive Entia and the Giants. The Excessive Entia created the town Alcemoth on the pinnacle of Bionis, whereas the Machina made the town Agniratha within the head of the Mechonis.

This life they created wasn’t simply because the 2 gods had been lonely, nevertheless. Zanza fed off the ether produced when his creations died, so it was very important that they saved doing precisely that. However the Large Arglas and the Machina chief Egil wished to hunt out different worlds. So, Zanza needed to cease this.

Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles. It's a close up of his face and wavy blonde hair, with a red and blue sword held horizontal and covering him from the mouth down.

Zanza did just a few issues. First, when Arglas wielded the Monado, he possessed him and used him to set off the battle between Bionis and Mechonis. He additionally gave himself three disciples: Dickson, Alvis, and Lorithia. They’ll be necessary later.

This battle between Bionis and Mechonis sapped the life forces of Meyneth and Zanza till they needed to cease and relaxation to regain their full energy. Arglas was sealed away on Jail Island, together with the Monado, each of which contained bits of Zanza’s soul.

As Zanza wasn’t absolutely defeated, Egil constructed the Mechon to wipe out all life on Bionis and cease Zanza from regaining sufficient ether. However, these disciples from earlier had been nonetheless alive. They usually began to work in direction of reawakening him.

We then get the occasions of the sport, which begin with Dickson discovering Shulk and the Monado and finish with Shulk creating a brand new world on the behest of Alvis – who truly originates from the Trinity Processor. This world is one with out gods, the place the survivors can dwell in peace.

Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles, a woman in apink and white dress with a pink hat on and white gloves, with tied up white hair with buns hanging beside her ears. She has one arm outstretched towards the sky as she looks up, desperately.

Future Related

The Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Version DLC happens proper after the occasions of the primary recreation, following Fiora’s change right into a human type, and Shulk’s want for a world with no gods, the place individuals can dwell in concord. This time, nevertheless, our focus is Shulk and Melia.

After the Excessive Entian metropolis of Alcamoth is noticed to have returned, Shulk and Melia head out to analyze. They meet a few Nopon and discover out that the Fog King has overrun the town. They meet another characters, analysis the unusual creature, and got down to defeat it.

The necessary stuff is what occurs on the finish. After the Fog King is defeated, Shulk and the Nopon head again to Colony 9. Nevertheless, Melia stays in Alcamoth, the Excessive Entia return, and he or she’s topped Empress of the Excessive Entia. Who is aware of what their future holds.

A character from Xenoblade Chronicles. She has long silver hair, a military outfit, and one of her two blue eyes glowing red.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Significantly, who is aware of? Nobody has performed Xenoblade Chronicles 3 but, so nobody is aware of what’s going to occur. All you could perceive is that XC3 appears set to tie up the 2 storylines within the different two foremost video games. Nintendo themselves tweeted this, as you possibly can see beneath. What precisely this implies is unclear.

Anyway, in case you’re as excited as I clearly am, try our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pre-orders and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launch date guides to prepare for the large day. Who is aware of? It is likely to be much more thrilling than I may even think about.


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