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by Dutys_Fist

Just a few years in the past, I requested why there have been stormtroopers in Mos Shuuta. Since then, I’ve run the journey a number of occasions, and nobody has requested this query. However I am within the means of prepping for this journey once more, and I had some extra ideas on this that I needed to share, particularly as final time I ran it, I had stormtroopers seize a PC and hand them over the Hutts – on this case, as a result of the PCs have been indiscriminately killing and inflicting havoc, so it made sense. However having the gamers see the Empire and Hutts as imperfect allies is extra fascinating, and will help the PCs prevail if issues go south as they reap the benefits of the truth that the Hutts and the Empire aren’t precisely mates.

Token Empire Presence will not be sufficient to justify stormtroopers
Stormtroopers are basically shock troopers. Sure, the Empire is in possession of Tatooine throughout Ep. IV, even when stated presence is token. However Mos Shuuta is a backwater city, maybe much more so than Mos Eisley. Why station stormtroopers right here? Why is there a full barracks of stormtroopers in a podunk city? The barracks occupy a big a part of this pretty small city.

I suggest two potential solutions:
a. The Imperial Forces are right here to maintain Teemo in line.
A reasonably easy resolution. Teemo really runs a reasonably large area from Mos Shuuta, and the Imperial presence is right here in order that he does not try to rock the boat and attempt to foment rise up or one thing… maybe all of the Hutt Lords have comparable garrisons. Nonetheless, so long as Teemo is compliant, they’d wish to lend him their help.

That is fascinating, as a result of it signifies that the stormtroopers won’t perceive why the PCs are on the run, and wish to seize them for questioning. Thus, if the PCs do poorly within the stormtrooper encounter, it is not essentially recreation over; maybe they discuss to the stormtrooper captain, who may discover his personal use for some rogue operatives.

b. Mos Shuuta is considerably essential to the Imperial conflict effort
Sure, Tatooine is a land of abject poverty, however what if there’s some small mines a distance away which might be straight below Imperial management? Right here, the state of affairs is a bit totally different – the Empire completely does not care about something however their minerals, and are more than pleased to go away administration to Teemo – solely popping in if one thing interferes with their mining operation. This explains why they personal the spaceport, and may scramble some TIE wings fairly rapidly when the PCs start to flee. In fact, it begs the query of why the stormtroopers start to patrol for the PCs within the stormtrooper encounter – maybe Teemo has satisfied the Empire that the PCs are a possible disturbance and are planning to disrupt the mining operation!


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