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Tower of Fantasy Assessment – Hardcore Droid


Adventures on Aida

Hotta Studio’s motion RPG Tower of Fantasy sees gamers discover a colorfully post-apocalyptic planet. Gamers will hack and slash via varied monsters and mutants as they discover the shared open world. And whereas I’ve some nits to select, it’s nonetheless a strong multiplayer motion RPG.

Tower of Fantasy takes place on the post-apocalyptic planet of Aida and offers off actual “anime Borderlands” vibes. The similarities are all pretty surface-level, but it surely’s an identical ambiance in some ways. A catastrophe on the titular Tower of Fantasy noticed the planet blanketed in Omnium Radiation. This left the panorama overrun with monsters and bandits, full with tiny, mask-wearing maniacs. The few people who escaped mutation accomplish that with the help of gadgets referred to as Suppressors. Most of Aida’s less-hostile inhabitants are in remoted, ramshackle settlements.

After the participant’s Supressor fails, they get up in a small settlement, having been rescued by the siblings Zeke and Shrili. The latter appoints herself the participant’s information to the world, introducing them to the fundamental sport mechanics as they discover the island. Nonetheless, Shrili’s Suppressor is disabled when bandits assault the settlement, exposing her to excessive doses of Omnium Radiation. As she begins to mutate, her brother takes her to hunt assist from a cyborg terrorist group referred to as the Heirs of Aida. Distrusting these cybernetic fanatics, the participant character units out to search out their new associates. This quickly pulls them into the battle between the Heirs and the planets’ ruling faction of Hykros.

Tower of Fantasy bow combat

Anime Borderlands

For my part, Hotta Studio’s writing leans too closely on anime tropes. Zeke, for instance, is a typical anime “unhealthy boy,” and he’s not the one character who feels too archetypical. I additionally thought the participant character’s relationship with Zeke and Shirli was a bit rushed. I perceive wanting to assist the individuals who helped you. Nonetheless, the sport acts like they’re greatest associates after spending about two days collectively.

Moreover, there’s a elementary disconnect between some characters’ look and their position within the story. I watch anime, so I’m used to characters working round in needlessly elaborate outfits. Nonetheless, I’d actually prefer to know why the second city’s electrician clothes like a cyborg ninja. He by no means does ninja issues, so it feels just like the builders discovered a personality mannequin they preferred and caught him in there at random. And once more, this isn’t an remoted incident.

Most of those criticisms most likely fall into the class of nitpicking. Nonetheless, these little gripes construct up over time, and it’s not as if Tower of Fantasy delivers some gripping emotional story regardless. I nonetheless loved the sport’s story general, however the minor issues had been sufficient to maintain taking me out of the expertise.

Tower of Fantasy spear combat

Hack and Slash

Gamers can equip three weapons, together with swords, spears, bows, weapons and extra. Fundamental assaults construct up a cost that lets gamers activate highly effective Discharge assaults by switching to different weapons. Towards small teams of primary enemies, this principally means stun-locking them by spamming primary assaults. Nonetheless, bigger teams and elite enemies require extra finesse, with gamers dodging, sprinting, and leaping to keep away from incoming assaults. I significantly preferred utilizing the jetpack to ship a robust aerial assault with my spear or twin swords. It’s a good system general, although grinding primary enemies can get boring after some time.

Ranged fight is analogous, although you’re on the mercy of the automated lock-on for primary assaults. I finally bought it principally working after experimenting with the settings. Nonetheless, I nonetheless felt like I used to be battling the lock-on as a lot because the enemies. You’ll be able to free-aim ranged weapons by holding down the assault button, and I discovered it very helpful in boss fights. Nonetheless, in opposition to teams of enemies, you’re higher off simply charging into melee.

Tower of Fantasy jet pack

Touring the Land

The above-mentioned jetpack additionally is useful for traversal and is unironically my favourite a part of the sport. Flight will not be limitless, however you’ll be able to nonetheless get fairly good peak and distance, and it’s simply plain enjoyable to soar over the map. Sadly, the opposite autos are finicky and onerous to manage on the contact display. In addition they cease lifeless in case you brush in opposition to a bit of the terrain.

Climbing was additionally annoying. Tower of Fantasy helps you to climb any vertical floor till you run out of stamina. Nonetheless, the participant character habitually latches on to any close by wall. I additionally ceaselessly bought caught in a loop the place I’d robotically begin climbing, drop down, begin climbing, and many others. Once more, it’s not a deal breaker, but it surely was a typical annoyance.

Actually, that describes Tower of Fantasy as an entire. There are lots of enjoyable issues to do on this sport, however many tiny annoyances are holding it again. Total, I nonetheless preferred Tower of Fantasy and suggest it to anybody on the lookout for an anime-style RPG. Simply go in anticipating it to be a bit tough across the edges.

Is It Hardcore?


Tower of Fantasy is a enjoyable open-world motion RPG, however its many minor annoyances and odd design choices drag down the very best components.


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