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Unwavering Soul Bosses – Droid Players


Feature image for our Unwavering Soul bosses guide, showing a tower-like object with a light at the top and a halo around it.

Seeking to tackle the largest and baddest bosses on the earth of monsters however eager to know what you’re stepping into? Don’t fear! We’re right here to assist! Our Unwavering Soul Bosses information has what you want to know.

Unwavering Soul is a Roblox recreation that’s a tribute to the RPG masterpiece that’s Undertale. Make your means by means of the world of monsters and expertise a 3D model of the Undertale battle system. Maintain leveling as much as entry new worlds!

You’ll be able to seize Unwavering Soul on Roblox. In case you’re in search of freebies, try our Challenge New World codes, Construct-A-Bear Tycoon codes, and Sea Future codes.

Unwavering Soul Bosses Information

Right here we’ll attempt to inform you just a little about every boss, and managers as an entire.

About Bosses

Bosses are bigger enemies you’ll need to face in your development by means of the world of Unwavering Soul. While you work together with one you’ll be transported to an area space, and might want to dodge assaults across the space, and anticipate an opportunity to strike.

Boss Record

Right here we checklist out the stats of the primary bosses.


  • LV Req: 1
  • HP: 48
  • Reward: 50XP 25G


  • LV Req: 2
  • HP: 200
  • Reward: 400XP, 90G, Toy Knife


  • LV Req: 5
  • HP: 350
  • Reward: 800XP, 135G


  • LV Req: 10
  • HP: 800HP
  • Reward: 2000XP, 180G


  • LV Req: 15
  • HP: 1000
  • Reward: 2500XP, 120G


  • LV Req: 20
  • HP: 1,350
  • Reward: 3150XP, 300G


  • LV Req: 25
  • HP: 1,750
  • Reward: 4100XP, 800G, Asgore’s Trident

Our checklist isn’t fairly full but, however we’ll hold updating, so examine again quickly!

About Unwavering Soul

Unwavering Soul is an expertise on the favored Roblox platform, a love letter to Undertale, Toby Fox’s masterpiece. You’ll progress by means of the sport and rise up in opposition to some acquainted faces, although you”ll additionally get an opportunity to enter obbies, the chaos world, and the C.O.D.E world.


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