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Visible Support Session Prep with the 5 Room Dungeon


Good day Sojourner!

The aim of Visible Recreation Session Prep is to have a fast look reference that jogs my memory of notes and plans I made earlier than the session.

This retains paperwork to a minimal.

Somewhat than referencing your notes inside a big doc through the sport, you possibly can merely have a look at a easy visible diagram and have an important elements of the encounters arrange on one sheet.

Finally, this helps you spend extra time along with your gamers. Mixed with Marketing campaign Logger and the 5 Room Dungeon methodology, your session will circulation easily with extra time for enjoyable.

On this article, I’ll undergo an instance of Visible Recreation Session Prep step utilizing 5 Room Dungeon pondering from my marketing campaign for example.

Session Synopsis: On this session, the sojourners want to rescue Cerecio, an elf consort of one of many character’s warlock patrons. He’s trapped in a mountain jail dominated by a knight.

Setting and Options

Start your diagram’s design with a setting to determine a stage upon which the encounters happen. Right here you possibly can place memorable options, space results, and persevering with elements all all through the 5 Room Dungeon. Though it’s not a room, it makes thematic sense to have this diagram earlier than you to call to mind the essential options of your encounter.

  1. Haman’s Hill – a most safety jail in hell constructed upon a excessive mountain dominated by a Narzugon named Haman.
  2. Sharp inclined hill, iron timber encompass the perimeter, blood soaks the bottom, swarms of flies, teleportation magic fails, vampire guards.
  3. Every sojourner who enters receives a everlasting mark of identification
  4. Theme: Bravery vs Cowardice.

Consult with the setting to determine a steady theme by means of the session

See under how utilizing mermaid can assist with immediately creating a simple to learn visible help.

Merely add the small print inside the code and you’ve got your self a visible help session prep.

Copy and paste this into Marketing campaign Logger:

a[Haman's Hill] --- X((Setting and Options))
b[Sharp Inclined Hill] --- X
X --- c[Permanent Mark]
X --- d[Cowardice vs. Bravery]

After you enter the code, the diagram is generated!

Room I: Exploration and Entrance

Once I consider this primary room, I ask myself, “why has nobody else tried to enter?” This query leads me to design a worthy encounter to problem the gamers.

The challenges ought to then be written into the diagram’s shapes.

No matter you write into the shapes ought to function a fast reminder of the particular challenges to that encounter.

  1. Bloodsucking Wasps assault with a DC 15 to keep away from, 4d10 dmg upon a fail and scale back the HP of the sojourner by that quantity till a protracted relaxation is achieved. The wasp’s physique may be harvested for weapons, armor and poison.
  2. Upon viewing a crucified fey prisoners, a sojourner suffers the Concern spell upon a failed DC 15 save and they are going to be unable to converse with Cecerio. Anybody who succeeds can discover the historical past of any prisoner and uncover a secret but harmful methodology out of the jail.
  3. The blood adorning the partitions may be harvested for a excessive value in infernal courts. The iron timber making up the perimeter may be mined for weapons and armor.
  4. The Welcome Signal grants historical past of the conflict.

Exploration offers discoveries in your sport, very similar to the doorway of the 5RD.

Copy and paste this into Marketing campaign Logger:

  a[Wasp Nest] --- X((Exploration&ltbr>and&ltbr>Entrance))
  b[Fear Spell] --- X
  X --- c[Blood Harvest, Tree Harvest]
  X --- d[History of War]

Room II: The Drawback or Puzzle

Once I consider this room, I ask myself, “what’s going to take a look at the participant’s talent set?” Usually, the gamers put their greatest foot ahead in resolving the primary problem within the entrance or guardian. Now in the issue, they should dig deep to find an out of the field resolution to this puzzle.No matter you write into the shapes ought to function a immediate through the sport.

  1. A small demon is caught sniffing round a drunk guard’s physique. He searches for forex and contraband and needs to steal Haman’s Fireball Necklace.
  2. Cerecio, an elf however mutilated past recognition, is worried with anybody risking their life for him. He could warn of Haman’s armor (AC 23), and desires to know of out of doors world data. He doesn’t have hope and sulks till somebody brings him cheer.
  3. Zondar, a vampire guard, is aware of that Haman was a turncoat in battle, and so grew to become the primary prisoner and warden of Haman’s Hill. Zondar insists on accompanying the sojourners.
  4. Haman doesn’t converse with anybody, but when they break the regulation, upon a profitable hit, he manufacturers them with a everlasting mark as a prison.

Interactions enable for improvement and downside fixing, very similar to the puzzle room in 5RD

Copy and paste this into Marketing campaign Logger:

a[Demon Thief] --- X((Social and Puzzle))
b[Vampire Ally] --- X
X --- c[Haman marks the criminals]
X --- d[Cerecio warns of armor class]

Room III: The Setback or Problem

Once I consider this room, I ask myself, “how will the dungeon try to expel the sojourners?” By now, the sojourners have made a distinction on this room, and the room ought to throw a curveball or at the very least, make a strong try to rid itself of the pesky heroes who’re altering the system. Throughout the shapes, ensure to incorporate methods to empty sources, take away protections or give the gamers sufficient of a problem to allow them to rethink their plan.

  1. If Cerecio is freed, Haman is immediately summoned and makes an attempt to assault and model the sojourners as criminals.
  2. Demons of flight try to grapple (DC 17) any sojourner who makes an try to go away the mountain facet, outdoors the jail.
  3. Bravery and Cowardice matter right here due to Haman’s curse, grant 1d4 to acts of bravery and subtract 1d4 to acts of cowardice.
  4. Any sojourner who fails a test of navigation finally ends up alone in a entice with a hungry and mutilated prisoner who makes an attempt to devour them.

Challenges can present alternatives for sojourners to rethink their plans, very similar to the Setback room within the 5RD.

Copy and paste this into Marketing campaign Logger:

a[branding mark] --- X((Problem and Setback))
b[bravery cowardice 1d4] --- X
X --- c[flight demons DC 17]
X --- d[lost cannibal elf]

Room IV: The Boss or Battle

Once I consider this room, I ask myself, “what’s going to oppose the sojourners?” That is the storm earlier than the calm. Whether or not or not it’s a boss monster, a significant confrontation along with your father, or surviving a storm aboard a ship, this room must be crammed with conflicts that accent the sojourner’s talents. Place contained in the shapes reminders of the large moments you wish to spotlight, the cheat sheet of stats for lair actions, or the one-liners the boss will utter forth to taunt the heroes.

  1. Haman AC 23, HP~90, needs sojourners unconscious in the event that they break the regulation. Will solely kill to save lots of his life. Assault +9, longsword, 3d6 dmg, x3 assaults. Use of Fireball Necklace DC 17 save,  x 3 makes use of as lair motion. 8d6 fireplace injury upon fail and ½ upon a save.
  2. Steed AC 17, HP ~45, needs to obey Haman, will flee if Haman is killed. Creates a 30 foot radius of fireside. On the prime of the spherical for any creature in that radius, take 4d6 fireplace injury upon a DC 15 Con Save or ½ upon a fail.
  3. Anybody exiting the 60 radius from Haman should succeed a DC 14 Str save or turn out to be grappled and restrained by the iron timber.
  4. Response (as soon as per spherical) Haman delivers retribution to a profitable spell assault by delivering a +7 assault, 8d8 necrotic injury upon successful.

Fight can go a lot smoother with this cheat sheet and resembles the boss room within the 5RD.

Copy and paste this into Marketing campaign Logger:

a[AC 23 HP 90 Wants criminals unconscious] --- X((Fight and Battle))
b[Steed AC 17 HP 45] --- X
X --- c[perimeter DC 17 Str Save]
X --- d[reaction: spell attack against last character to cast spell]

Room V: The Reward or Reveal

Once I consider this room, I ask myself, “why undergo all of this hassle?” Between surviving the battle, defeating the boss, or cleverly outmaneuvering a puzzle, the sojourners ought to expertise her the fruit of their labor. Typically it’s a significant discovery, a fabric reward, an alliance or just good quaint revenge. Be certain to position your treasure right here so that you don’t overlook to reward your gamers!

  1. Upon killing Haman, the jail goes right into a riot
  2. Upon rescue, Cerecio reveals that the celestial key to the Dawnwalker is positioned in a sure noble’s courtroom.
  3. Haman has plate armor +3, Longsword +3, Necklace of Fireball 3 makes use of every daybreak in hell, not useable some other airplane.
  4. Upon a profitable hit, Haman leaves a everlasting mark upon the sojourner indicating their prison standing in a lawful evil society.

The ultimate visible help helps wrap up the encounter, very similar to the reward within the 5RD.

All the time hyperlink to a brand new quest!

Copy and paste this into Marketing campaign Logger:

a[Prison Riot] --- X((Decision and Reward))
b[Walking Criminals] ---X
X --- c[Key hidden in Court]
X --- d[AC 3, Sword 3, Fireball Necklace]

For a clean visible help mannequin, consult with the mermaid syntax under. Fill within the blanks between the brackets on your fast reference notes.

a[First] ---
X((Title and Title))
b[Second] ---X
X --- c[Third]
X --- d[Fourth]

Take a second to think about the satisfaction you should have as a dungeon grasp to spend extra time taking part in and fewer time scouring by means of notes! Use the visible help to gather all your essential notes. Go and have enjoyable!

Might your story proceed! For extra articles on enhancing your sport as a Dungeon Grasp, go to http://www.sojournersawake.com


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