Warcraft Rumble – Cairne Bloodhoof decks for PvP & PvE


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Barely scary title apart, Cairne really has a fairly good skill, with Earthen May boosting the well being of all Horde troops by 20%. One of the best half? This can be a blanket impact and implies that you received’t must be close to your troops for it to take impact. Add onto that his expertise, Reincarnation – which lets him resurrect with half-health after demise – and you’ll in all probability see why he’s getting a lot consideration. His stun implies that this large brute can take in the harm, and until he’s completely on his personal he may hold from getting it given again to him.


Cairne Bloodhoof PvE Deck

Set-up: Cairne Bloodhoof, Stonehoof Tauren, Darkspear Troll, Bat Rider, Hearth Elemental, Harpies, Quilboar

As we talked about in our Sylvanas deck overview, Harpies are fairly fragile, however do large harm after they handle to get in. With Cairne main the cost and gorgeous any potential anti-air, this implies they’re very viable shock troops It’s no shock that there are additionally some extra Taurens within the combine, as their well being enhance helps them stack up subsequent to their chief.

There may be some debate over whether or not to make use of one thing reminiscent of Huntresses for the ranged distance assault. However we predict that since anti-air is roofed by the Darkspear Troll, the AoE harm of the Bat Rider is an effective commerce for PvE. Particularly as she’ll additionally profit from the well being enhance, which the Alliance-aligned Huntress received’t.

Lastly, Quillboars shall be your bread and butter unit, with a barely cheaper value in comparison with Gnolls. The truth that they’re Unbound, like Undead miniatures, means dropping them behind enemy traces is a definite benefit, though they – like Harpies – don’t profit from Cairne’s well being enhance.


Cairne Bloodhoof PvP Deck

Set-up: Cairne Bloodhoof (Reincarnation), Frostwolf Shaman (Earth Protect), Stonehoof Tauren (Pummel), Ogre Mage (Frostfire Bolt), Execute (Bloodthirsty), Goblin Sapper (Crude Gunpowder), Gryphon (Mighty Throw)

In our opinion, Execute is a severely underrated spell. The blanket halving of enemy well being implies that even significantly sturdy enemies see a giant chunk knocked off their lifespan. Not solely that however it additionally has an excellent benefit for maps with quite a lot of towers…it might back-cap them. Sure, the excessive harm of the Execute spell means that you may successfully knock out towers, and since they begin rebuilding in your possession instantly you don’t even must be close by to have your personal FOB.

We did contemplate switching out the Gryphon for Bat Riders as soon as extra; nonetheless, for PvP it is vital to do not forget that Rumble works on a rock-paper-scissors format. And one among Cairne’s few weaknesses is single goal items. So, whereas we might suggest the Bat Rider should you’re going up towards extra squishy, model-heavy decks if Cairne is constantly out-duelled, the Gryphon Rider ought to present the aerial harm wanted to outmanoeuvre floor items.

We now have different decks that may curiosity you, for instance, you’ll be able to check out the commonly finest Rumble decks for PVP.


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