What Do You Do When Characters Fail? — 5 Options For You

Terve Johnn,

What do you do when the cube betray your gamers? When the celebration appears to fulfill a dead-end? When your journey stalls as a result of unhealthy luck or unhealthy selections?

That’s the subject of at the moment’s suggestions.

However earlier than you dig into them, please take the related ballot right here:

Methods to Forestall Useless Finish Cube Rolls

It’s attention-grabbing to see how GMs deal with failed cube checks and botched character actions.

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Methods to Forestall Useless Finish Cube Rolls

By Jonathan Hardin, sojournersawake.com

Does Failure Imply Cease?

I positioned my gamers in precarious conditions. And after they tried harmful feats, my voice trembled, however I did the precise factor  —  I known as for a capability verify. The cube rolled upon the desk and a single digit quantity confirmed face up.

Now what?


Loss of life?

What does a low quantity imply?

It appears too simplistic to say, “no, you fail” when the outline of the try drew me into a very good story.

My objective is to all the time proceed the story.

Though that may embrace loss of life (that’s one other speak) failure by no means means the journey should cease.

As a substitute, we wish to create variations of success we are able to apply after studying the cube.

In at the moment’s suggestions, I’ll present you 5 methods to do this, plus a decision desk that will help you get a solution quick.

(And in the event you want a mnemonic, simply keep in mind QUACK.)

Variation Kind I: High quality

PCs tried the duty, you probably did it, but it surely’s a horrible job.

The standard of the finished activity could current an issue later within the encounter.

“Maintain stress whereas I put together a medkit,” the PC says to a different. The soldier bleeds out whereas the medic saves him from loss of life. The sport grasp requires a drugs verify.

PC rolls a 6. The sport grasp determines the PC is profitable, however the high quality of the bandaging is poor.

In a while, the GM introduces a brand new problem the PCs should think about  —  the character’s wound has develop into contaminated.

Variation Kind II: Upshot

PCs tried the duty, succeeded, however generated an undesirable consequence.

This complication could show to proceed the encounter.

“We might simply get thrown off beam utilizing that map,” says the PC to the captain. “Why don’t we use my map?”

The sport grasp determines {that a} deception verify is required and the PC rolls a 9.

The sport grasp determines that the captain takes the PC up on the supply, however kills the primary mate after which makes the PC her new first mate!

Variation Kind III: Property

PCs accomplish the duty, however lose a instrument or useful resource within the meantime.

For this to stress the sport the identical assets should be known as upon later within the encounter.

The musician PC performs loudly within the bar. The cop arrives to make a take care of the felony.

The PC makes an attempt to create a distraction whereas the cop interacts with the felony.

The sport grasp requires a DC 15 efficiency verify and the musician rolls an 11. The sport grasp decides the result is profitable, however at the price of the musician’s favourite guitar.

Variation Kind IV: Clock

PCs accomplish the duty, however on the worth of time.

Time in RPGs will be summary, so with the lack of time, you will need to introduce a complication that ending early would have prevented.

The sneaky mage PC creeps beneath the desk and begins planting a glyph that can activate as soon as the noble lord begins talking in his examine. Quickly, the mission will probably be a hit.

The sport grasp requires a easy spell verify DC 10 and the mage scores a 6.

Everybody is aware of it ought to fail, however the sport grasp determines it’s profitable, but it surely takes for much longer than anticipated.

The participant agrees their character would pursue the duty whatever the time.

The sport grasp then proclaims a sentry walks in and begins looking out the room.

Variation Kind V: Data

PCs accomplish the duty, however on the worth of data.

Although the PCs succeed, they lose out on studying a bit of knowledge they might have gained if that they had executed higher.

Mechanically, you’ll be able to have the PCs fail the very subsequent knowledge or smarts primarily based verify.

Alone on the alien planet, the 2 astronauts seek for indicators of life.

The sport grasp requires a survival verify and the 2 gamers roll a 5 and a 9.

The sport grasp determines they do survive the harshness of the planet, however fail to study that the craters they discover are literally footprints.

d20 Cube Interpretation Chart

Ought to a roll lead to failure, you would possibly use this chart to assist encourage what occurs subsequent so the journey doesn’t finish:

Remaining Thought

Low cube rolls and failed makes an attempt shouldn’t have to cease the story.

Should you select to interpret them as methods for the PCs to succeed on the duty  —  to fail ahead  —  you’ll be able to justify low rolls by including a brand new issue for gamers to think about whereas they navigate the encounter.

Might your story proceed!


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