Worldle Right now Reply – November 19

In search of the reply for Worldle as we speak? Effectively, think about us your saviours. On this information, we offer you the reply for as we speak’s puzzle, and, what’s extra, we maintain it up to date each single day. So, when you’re a giant fan of Worldle however usually battle to get the reply, we suggest bookmarking this web page and checking again each single day. That approach, you’ll by no means miss out on a puzzle.

Worldle is a day by day puzzle sport that performs very equally to Globle. Every day, you need to guess a particular nation throughout the world. If you guess, you get a couple of pointers that can assist you get the proper reply – until you’re right in your first go. You learn how far the precise nation is out of your guess, and in what route. Utilizing this, you slim down your guess till it’s right.

You possibly can play Worldle on the official website. When you’re a fan of day by day puzzle video games like this, you must take a look at our different guides. We cowl Quordle as we speak, LoLdle as we speak, Heardle as we speak, Framed as we speak, Weaver as we speak, and Octordle as we speak.

What Is Worldle?

Worldle is a Wordle-like day by day puzzle sport that challenges you to guess a particular nation each single day. When you’ve performed Globle, you’ll have a good suggestion of what you’re getting your self into right here.

How Does It Work?

You guess a rustic, and the sport tells you the way shut your guess is to the precise nation in kilometres. Helpfully, you additionally discover the route the proper nation is in, so you need to use these very important two items of data to slim down the proper reply. You solely get six guesses, so select correctly!

Ideas and Tips

Earlier than we straight up provide the reply, right here’s a couple of suggestions and tips which may enable you out:

  • Maintain a map helpful: Chances are high, you don’t have all the international locations on this planet in your head – until you’re a geographer. So, maintain a map helpful. This can enable you slim down your guesses in a extra correct method.
  • Continents: Begin with a particular continent in thoughts and guess a comparatively central nation in it. This can assist eradicate a bunch of nations, or enable you isolate the proper reply.
  • Try the FAQ: The official FAQ has a bunch of hints and suggestions that may enable you play higher. Test it out right here.

Worldle Right now Reply

Lastly, right here’s the reply for Worldle as we speak:

Earlier Worldle Solutions

  • November 18: Lebanon
  • November 17: South Africa
  • November 16: North Korea
  • November 15: Bulgaria
  • November 14: Mozambique
  • November 13: Belarus
  • November 12: Malaysia
  • November 11: Denmark
  • November 10: Romania
  • November 9: Réunion
  • November 8: Qatar
  • November 7: Eire
  • November 6: Jordan
  • November 5: Central African Republic
  • November 4: Switzerland
  • November 3: Tunisia
  • November 2: Montenegro
  • November 1: Mexico
  • October 31: New Zealand
  • October 30: French Polynesia
  • October 29: El Salvador
  • October 28: Ethiopia
  • October 27: Honduras
  • October 26: Sudan
  • October 25: Turkey
  • October 24: United Kingdom
  • October 23: Iceland
  • October 22: Senegal
  • October 21: Vietnam
  • October 20: Guinea-Bissau
  • October 19: Spain
  • October 18: Turks and Caicos Islands
  • October 17: Iran
  • October 16: Burundi
  • October 15: Norway
  • October 14: Eritrea
  • October 13: Suriname
  • October 12: Cambodia
  • October 11: Burkina Faso
  • October 10: NIGERIA
  • October 7: SAUDI ARABIA
  • October 5: NAMBIA
  • October 4: BELGIUM
  • October 3: KAZAKHSTAN
  • October 2: URUGUAY
  • October 1: GRENADA
  • September 30: GREENLAND
  • September 29: HAITI
  • September 28: BOTSWANA
  • September 27: ESWATINI
  • September 26: MALI
  • September 25: FRENCH GUIANA
  • September 24: UNITED STATES
  • September 23: NAURU
  • September 22: CROATIA
  • September 20: SYRIA
  • September 19: GABON
  • September 18: WESTERN SAHARA
  • September 17: TAIWAN
  • September 16: MAURITANIA
  • September 15: DOMINICA
  • September 14: Ukraine
  • September 13: North Macedonia
  • September 12: Estonia
  • September 11: Timor-Leste
  • September 10: Madagascar
  • September 9: Portugal
  • September 8: Tanzania
  • September 7: Bhutan
  • September 6: Comoros
  • September 5: Napal
  • September 4: Thailand
  • September 3: Azerbaijan
  • September 2: Egypt
  • September 1: Jamaica
  • August 31: Canada
  • August 30: Peru
  • August 29: Netherlands
  • August 28: Rwanda
  • August 27: Kerguelen Islands
  • August 26: Samoa
  • August 25: Benin
  • August 24: China
  • August 23: Falkland Islands
  • August 22: Russia
  • August 21: Togo

And that can do it for our Worldle as we speak information. Be sure to seize it by way of the hyperlinks on the high of this web page, take a look at our different guides linked within the third paragraph, and bookmark this web page and examine again day by day for extra options.


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